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Delaware Mommy Makeover – Look and Feel Better than Ever

Dr Saunders performs the latest and newest techniques of liposuction. In his opinion, tumescence and liposculpturing give the best and smoothest removal of fat!!

The result is a flatter, smaller, and more attractive area.  However, a person needs to have realistic expectations. Liposuction might not give a person as much fat removal or as flat a result as they hope. The result can be limited by excess skin, weak muscles, or poor elasticity. For example, in the stomach area, a cosmetic tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck might be a better option. Theses operations address weak muscles and loose skin.

It is extremely important to understand that liposuction has limitations. This is part of understanding realistic expectations. A patient interested in liposuction cosmetic surgery or other Delaware plastic surgery will be helped by understanding this important point.

A consultation is recommended with Dr Saunders to thoroughly discuss your desires. Contact us today to begin your transformation!!

Delaware Plastic Surgery – Tips to Make Surgery Go Well

Delaware plastic surgery patients and Pennsylvania plastic surgery patients may have to get preoperative tests before their cosmetic surgery. This is true before cosmetic facial surgery, cosmetic breast surgery,  cosmetic liposuction, cosmetic tummy tuck , and most plastic surgery procedures. Get all of your pre-surgery testing scheduled as soon as you receive your packet for your surgery. This testing is your responsibility and is required to be done prior to your surgery. Not having all of your testing completed before your surgery date can cancel your surgery. Scheduling your testing as soon as you receive your packet prevents last minute rushing or forgetting to have it done. This risks the cancellation of your surgery.

Mammograms are extremely important before breast surgery. This includes before cosmetic breast surgery and cosmetic breast enlargement. Get the mammogram done right away. It is very common for the radiologist to “call you back” for additional views or ultrasounds. It can cause a week delay and interfere with your cosmetic breast surgery. It can also be very scary when this happens as it can raise fear of cancer. If you get called back, it is probably “not” cancer, but follow thru and get it done.

Both Delaware plastic surgery patients and Pennsylvania plastic surgery patients need to complete preoperative testing in a timely fashion. This will help Dr Saunders with your surgery.

Please call with any questions!!