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Postoperative Pain Medications and Side Effects : Understand the “Seesaw” for Better Cosmetic Surgery Recovery – Dover, De

After cosmetic surgical procedures, pain medications can be difficult to tolerate and important advise can help recovery. After many plastic surgery operations like tummy tuck, breast enlargement, and liposuction – pain pills are necessary for comfort and to help with recovery. Often this means taking a narcotic pain pill. Some of the most common narcotic pills prescribed are Percocet, Vicodin, and Tylenol with Codeine. The “seesaw” is a visual aid to understand the benefits and side effects of narcotic pills. A patient from Dover, De asked me to review the concepts that are described in detail below.

There is a critical difference between allergies and side effects. Everyone needs to understand this difference. Allergies are not common with pain pills. Allergies cause problems such as swelling and breathing problems. This can be serious, and the medication should be stopped immediately. This is a true allergic reaction like a bee sting reaction.

Side effects of pain pills, in contrast to true allergies, are extremely common. The most commen side effects are nausea and vomiting, itching, constipation, and generalized malaise (feeling poorly). Sides effects in general are not dangerous but need to be managed to minimize the problem.

After a tummy tuck for example, narcotic pain pills can be necessary to help with the pain. A patient will take pain pills to help with the discomfort of the operation. The patient might unfortunately have to suffer thru the side effects. So a key question is: which is worse- the pain or the side effect? Like a “seesaw,” one side might be higher or worse than the other. For example, if pain is really “bad,” than take the pain pills and try and tolerate the side effects. In contrast, if the pain is not that bad, and side effects are horrible, than stop taking the pain pills to lessen the side effects. Think of it like a seesaw. Which end is up – pain or the side effects. How you respond depends on which is worse.

Nausea and Vomiting:

Try taking the pain medication with food. This makes a huge difference. It might be counter intuitive, as with many flu symptoms, keeping the stomach empty helps with vomiting. But with pain pills, food in the stomach makes a tremendous difference. If you can get food down first, it will really help the patient tolerate the pills.


This is because the narcotic causes a mast cell release. This leads to the itching. Benedryl can be used to help with this side effect. The benedryl pills can also help with sleep, so you can use this to your advantage before nighttime. Benadryl and Hydrocortisone creams can also be used to help with itching and your plastic surgery recovery.


Pain pills cause constipation by slowing bowel motility. Typical recommendations for constipation is the use of Colace. This helps costipation because it decreases hard bowel movements. However, the better choice is Milk of Magnesia. Take one tablespoon twice a day. This increases bowel motility and should do the trick for most. I also do not mind coffee and prune juice or other natural laxatives, if desired. Enemas (such as Fleets Enema) can be used for those who don’t mind them or for those who need extra help to get the bowels moving.

A final critical piece of information. STOP the medication that’s causing the problem. It’s the pain medicine! So if the side effect of constipation is the problem. Stop the pain pills to get the best result. If pain is still an issue, try and back off the narcotic pills to lessen the constipation and use Tylenol or Motrin instead.

Generalized Malaise:

This is the doctor term for feeling poorly. It’s interesting that pain pills are used by some drug addicts for abuse to feel better. However, for many people the effect is the opposite. This side effect is feeling really poorly and overall bad. It’s called malaise. If you are feeling this way after surgery, try and get off the pain pills. You will probably slowly start to feel better. It will aid your cosmetic surgery recovery

Managing Pain after Cosmetic Surgery and Dealing with the Side Effects – The Seesaw!

I will recommend to patients to think of pain and side effects like a seesaw. Which is worse? Is the pain worse from the surgery? Or are the side effects worse from the medication. If the pain is worse, than you have to deal with the side effects. If the side effects are worse, than you can stop the pain pills and the effects will resolve or go slowly away.

Don’t under estimate how well Tylenol and Motrin work to elevate and reduce pain. These medications don’t cause nausea and vomiting.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please come in for a complimentary consultation. Details of your cosmetic procedure and your surgical plan will be discussed completely. I hope this writing helps with your recovery from cosmetic surgery.

Find Your Most Comfortable Less Invasive SkinCare Rejuvenation

The significant rise (6 %) in the total number of operations performed in a year for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures is an indication of the people’s growing preference for less invasive options. In the same data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) for year 2012, surgical procedures actually decreased (2 %) in total patronage.

When it comes to skin care rejuvenation, it is understandable if you prefer minimally invasive over the more invasive surgery options since the former choices offer, generally speaking, lesser risk and hassle. You don’t want to gamble too much especially if it involves your facial skin, would you?

Furthermore, less invasive skincare rejuvenation procedures usually involve less pain and scarring and reduced health care costs. You also won’t have to skip work and social gatherings for long, as the less invasive route translate to a much quicker recovery on your part.

Three Modalities

Known for its comprehensive skincare program, Dr. Christopher Saunders’ Delaware Med Spa offers various procedures and treatments intended mainly for facial skin rejuvenation. These multiple procedures and treatments are grouped together into so-called modalities.

The primary modalities are Chemical, Mechanical, and Laser treatments. Chemical modality includes facials and peels which are typically chemicals being applied to the face and take effect through the coagulative process. Mechanical modality utilizes gentle mechanical medium, such as derma-planing and micro dermabrasion. Lastly, the Laser modality helps with collagen generation and blood vessel ablation by targeting the deeper tissues of the skin through the use of a special light application.


Depending on each patient’s skin care condition and needs, a procedure belonging to any modality may be performed as a stand-alone operation. In other cases, a comprehensive skincare program may include some or all three modalities adjusted specifically to each patient’s rejuvenation goal. When combined to maximize skin rejuvenation, cosmetic procedures from varied modalities are designed to work synergistically. Upon consultation, share your true concerns and aesthetic desires to Dr. Saunders so that the latter can come up with the most suitable and comfortable rejuvenation plan for you.

Dr. Saunders performs cosmetic procedures at both of the two med spa offices at Wilmington, DE and the Chadds Ford, PA.  He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with proven expertise in facial skin rejuvenation procedures.

Be more informed about these minimally invasive treatments by scheduling now a consultation with Dr. Saunders. To do so, please contact us at (302) 652-3331 or through this Email Contact Form.

The Top Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Delaware

The desire to look and feel good is not a monopoly among women. A lot of men in the population also seek to achieve a better contoured body and a younger looking facial skin – although not too many of them, partly because of the lingering “macho” culture, would admit that this is the case and desire.

Nevertheless, in the recent years, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there is an increasing trend for men trying out cosmetic surgery procedures. These cosmetic procedures range from facial rejuvenation treatments like blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to body contouring procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

In Wilmington, DE, Dr. Christopher Saunders is one of the finest plastic surgeons to perform cosmetic procedures for male patients. To facilitate the desired aesthetic outcome, Dr. Saunders would engage in a forthright yet confidential consultation process with each patient. He wants each patient to honestly relay his desire for cosmetic improvement without feeling embarrassed for it, including his concerns on the risk factor. For the Board Certified Surgeon, making his patients comfortable during evaluation is crucial to the ultimate success of any procedure.

Furthermore, Dr. Saunders utilizes innovative techniques and technology to ensure safety and precision with his surgical procedures. The top male cosmetic surgery procedures at his Delaware Office are:
Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)
Breast Reduction Surgery, and
Cosmetic Ear Surgery.

To know more about any of these male surgery procedures, please schedule now a consultation with Dr. Saunders thru this Email Contact Form or via (302) 652-3331.