Explant, Breast Implant Illness, and BIA-ALCL

Cosmetic breast surgery has very high success and satisfaction rates. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove implants with or without the surrounding scar tissue. Removal is called explantation or explant. As an explant surgeon, I specialize in these operations and perform them for a variety of reasons.

Although not common, sometimes women decide to remove their implants. It could be because of capsular contracture, deflation, weight concerns, or just “wanting them out.” Other women will worry about the implants causing them to be sick or to have health issues. This is covered in the educational writing on Breast Implant Illness or BII. An additional educational writing covers the topic of BIA-ALCL.

I specialize in helping women with these concerns and who desire explant surgery. The consultation will discuss in detail your options, how it is done, recovery, and risks.

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