Ageless Angel Peel


The Ageless Angel Peel is a modern peel combining two proven and high-tech methods of facial rejuvenation. Microneedling is used to safely inject PRP into the best locations and depth of the skin to promote healing, stimulation, and tighter skin. The treatment gives excellent results including improvement of fine wrinkles, aging, skin textures and tone, and a healthy glow and appearance to the skin. The peel can give better benefits and results than other peels and has a proven track record of safety.

Ageless Angel Peel

What is it?

This is a new and advanced cosmetic facial treatment that can give you a more attractive, healthy, and youthful glow to your skin. The peel is a combination of two modern techniques of rejuvenation techniques: platelet rich plasma (PRP) and microneedling. The Angel Peel can give you a reduction in the signs of aging with decreased sun damage, wrinkles, and brown spots. The final result is usually younger and brighter skin.

There is a similar peel made famous by TV stars, called a vampire peel. The name and the associated blood is scary and unattractive. Our Ageless Angel Peel is a unique and specialized modification of the vampire pill. By improving the processing and centrifugation, I believe we get a better mix of growth factors from the plasma and platelets. Coupling this with a unique depth of the microneedling technique and penetration, we get a more precise placement of the growth factors and growth hormones for advanced facial rejuvenation. Angels are obviously prettier and more ageless then vampires. The Ageless Angel Peel can deliver these benefits to you.

Ageless Angel Peel

How does it work?

The peel works by combining two different modalities of rejuvenation to give an enhanced and better result. PRP Is derived from your own blood and gives a combination of plasma, platelets, proteins, and other growth factors to stimulate your own natural healing. Microneedling allows for the precise delivery of the PRP to the exact depth in the skin to enhance its benefit. The two techniques used together give a synergistic or better result.

The PRP increases cellular turnover and stimulation of natural collagen and elastin in the skin to give a tighter and healthier appearance. Both PRP and microneedling simulate or induce collagen and elastin, which is a natural building block of human skin. This gives improved skin texture and tone and an attractive glow to the skin.

It is theorized that the platelets, proteins, and growth factors in PRP stimulate healing of the skin. It is the activation of the “healing process” which leads to thicker and more healthy skin. The stimulation of increased collagen and elastin are one of the essential aspects of healthy skin. It is sometimes called induction therapy.

Microneedling uses tiny extra fine needles to puncture the skin to the exact and desired level in millimeters to directly deposit the nutrients. The microneedling itself helps rejuvenate the skin. A critical concept of the Ageless Peel is that both the PRP and the microneedling stimulate the healing of the skin and the rejuvenation. The microneedling causes microscopic injury to the skin. This injury leads to healing. The healing develops collagen and elastin formation to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

PRP has a long track record of safety and benefits. It is also used by other specialists including dermatologists and orthopedic surgeons to heal injured joints and to slow down aging.

How is it done?

Your blood is first drawn to begin the process. This is done by a medical professional and expert. Through a double centrifuge process we create PRP. It contains high levels of natural human nutrients and growth factors. It is centrifuged twice to achieve just the best content and growth factors for the platelet rich plasma. Typically, numbing cream is than applied to the face, and the PRP is then spread onto the skin in the desired areas. Microneedling is then performed to safely and accurately inject the PRP into the desired location of the skin for healing induction.

After the peel, the skin will typically be red and slightly sensitive, much like a light sunburn. No exercise is recommended on the day of the procedure. A quick return to all activities is the normal experience. Some bruising can be expected from the procedure. The entire process takes about an hour.

Classically, a series of three Ageless Angel Peels are done approximately 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the best stimulation and results.


*Stimulation and rejuvenation of skin cells.
*Increased turnover of cells leading to younger and more healthy tissues.
*Improved skin tone and texture
*improvement of fine lines, facial weathering, and signs of aging.
*Improvement of acne scars and sun damage
*Younger and brighter looking skin
*Healthy skin appearance and glow
*Improvement in stretch marks and and surgical scars

Ageless Angel Peel


Almost everyone is a candidate for this process. This best candidate for an Angel Peel is a patient desiring a more youthful appearance to the skin with better tone and texture. A medical history would be taken to exclude some patients, such as those that have bleeding or clotting disorders.

Limitations and risks:

The patient will experience some swelling and redness from the procedure. This classically resolves over a couple days. Some people might take longer. The risks are extremely low. Some patients could develop pigmentation abnormalities or discoloration. This is not common and is more typical of people who have the propensity to get pigmentation problems, such as dark skinned individuals.

Like all cosmetic treatments, we have to be careful not to expect too much from the treatment. Bags, jowls, turkey necks, and excess skin of the face and neck are best treated with surgical techniques. In this situation, we recommend Dr. Saunders’ LAVVNDR face and neck lift. If you are interested in this procedure, you can link now to get more information. It utilizes the latest techniques to improve aging of the face that cannot be achieved from the Angel Peel and other less invasive techniques. Everybody must have a realistic expectation about the benefits of the Ageless Angel Peel.


If you are desiring more youthful and healthy facial skin, consider an Ageless Angel Peel. By combing microneedling and PRP, you can get a natural and healthy stimulation and rejuvenation of the skin. Improvement in aging, spots, wrinkles, and the overall youthful appearance of the skin is common. The high-tech and modern treatment is very easy to have done and has a quick recovery. Most patients are extremely happy with the results and the longevity of the Ageless Angel Peel.

Please call to schedule your treatment or ask if you have any questions!