Our Staff

Rejuvenate Med Spa

Sharon Dellose R.N, BSN has been an Aesthetic Nurse at Brandywine Cosmetic Surgery/Dr. Christopher Saunders M.D. since 2003. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she came to Delaware to study at the University of Delaware. Sharon began her career at Christina Care in the cardiovascular intensive care unit, she changed her focus to Aesthetic Nursing in 2003. Sharon is a skilled injector and Dr. Saunders’ first assist in the operating room. She understands the power of a multi-modality approach to aesthetic medicine and enjoys the satisfaction of helping a patient achieve their aesthetic goals. Known for her gentle touch, clinical expertise and artistic eye, Sharon delivers highly personalized care to her loyal clients. Sharon is a clinical trainer for Galderma and was recently received their Presidential Elite Award. She is a proud mother of two teenage boys and loves spending time with her family and is a health and fitness enthusiast.


Our newest addition to the med spa, Eva Nowakowska-Bujak, has a passion for skin care to give patients immediate and long term results. She specializes in creating custom treatments to benefit all skin needs. Her ambition is to “enhance beauty and boost confidence in each of my clients.“ She is an extremely well trained, hard working, and thorough in her profession. She is an excellent aesthetician and top notch laser specialist.

She has extensive experience in aesthetic services. She also has deep roots in taking care of patients and their skin needs. Her education and training dates back to her family’s skin care business in Poland. This included five years of experience and training in Europe, learning advanced techniques. In America, she earned her aesthetician certificate in 2015 from the Dawn Carrier Institute of Delaware. She also is certified from the National Laser Institute in Arizona.

Eva believes it is essential to continue education and maintain advanced skills in order to provide her clientele and patients with the most innovative techniques and services. Eva works closely with other staff at Rejuvenate Med Spa to help provide the best skin care and rejuvenation for you.

Heather Rolfe, L.E., M.A. ,one of our licensed medical estheticians at Saunders Plastic Surgery. Heather has been an essential member of our team since 2003, collaborating closely with Dr. Saunders to provide our patients with the most comprehensive care possible. With over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field, Heather has developed an in-depth understanding of the skin and the most effective treatments to enhance its health and appearance. Her passion for esthetics is evident in her dedicated approach to helping clients achieve healthy and radiant skin. At Saunders Plastic Surgery, Heather’s clients appreciate her warm and compassionate nature, along with her exceptional ability to listen attentively to their concerns and goals.

Whether you’re looking to combat signs of aging, address acne or skin discoloration, or receive pre- and post-operative skin care, Heather is committed to providing you with personalized and effective treatments.

Robyn Levithan is an expert in spray tanning and the latest technology and techniques for this craft. She has been a spray tanner for over two decades. Her goal is to give each patient a beautiful, glowing, and healthy tan. The process is quick, safe, and healthy. She uses an advanced airbrush spraying technique with completely organic and natural products. It is delivered in a top-of-the-line method for the highest quality skin tan.

Robyn has worked for Rejuvenate Med Spa and Dr. Saunders for almost a decade. She is an assistant manager in the practice. She has an extremely broad and in-depth understanding of most aspects of cosmetic surgery and facial rejuvenation. In addition to her excellence in spray tanning, she can be of assistance to you as a client in almost all aspects of the business.

Robyn is a native of Delaware with deep ties to the Wilmington area. She is extremely warm, friendly, and personable. In addition to her excellence in spray tans, she can help you with anything at Rejuvenate Med Spa or Dr. Saunders’ cosmetic surgery practice.