Facelift Procedure in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware

 Rhytidectomy, more commonly referred to as a facelift, is a procedure designed to elevate and reposition the facial tissue to a higher, more youthful location. This cosmetic surgery can dramatically improve one’s cheeks, jowls, jaw line and neck area giving a natural and younger appearance. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Saunders and determine whether you are a candidate! Call (302) 652-3331 for our Wilmington, DE office, or (610) 459-1559 for our Chadds Ford, PA office.

What is the Facelift Procedure?

facelift in deleware Dr. Saunders uses the latest techniques for the face lift surgery. This begins with a careful and thorough pre-operative evaluation and discussion of realistic goals with the patient. By using the most modern methods, the skin and muscle areas can be lifted and rejuvenated to separate and distinct locations. This state of the art “vector” method gives a natural and long lasting face lift result compared to simpler methods. In addition to the vector method, Dr. Saunders also uses fat transfer, or fat grafting, to achieve even better results. Fat transfer involves injecting a person’s own fat into areas of the face where it is best needed. Aging is not just “droopy skin” but also a loss of youthful fat. By carefully re-injecting a person’s fat, a more natural and youthful facelift operation can be obtained.

What are the different types of Facelifts?

There are different types of facelifts, or “lifts,” that can be performed. For example, Dr. Saunders performs a Mid-Face Lift to rejuvenate the cheek area and upper face. This can be a preferred method for the younger patient with aging in the upper part of the face. A Forehead Lift or Brow Lift can elevate the forehead and eyebrow area for a higher, more attractive look. This can be accomplished with the use of endoscopes and tiny incisions. This minimally invasive brow lift can greatly rejuvenate and enhance a person’s appearance. Dr. Saunders is also well known for his lower face lift and neck lift operations. By tightening the neck muscles, or platysma muscle, dramatic changes can be achieved. This works well for “turkey neck” and other neck excess skin problems.

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

The best candidate for face lift surgery is one who is physically healthy and desires improved facial appearance. Dr. Saunders performs this surgery in his state of the art cosmetic surgery center and takes pre-operative care very seriously. Dr. Saunders requires appropriate testing and medical clearances before performing any surgery.

What is the Recovery Process After my Facelift Surgery?

The facelift is an outpatient procedure so recovery can begin at home. The patient returns to Dr. Saunders the day after surgery for a follow up visit. The recovery from most cosmetic facial surgeries involves surprisingly little pain. It is common for patients to take little to no pain medication! It is important to allow appropriate time for resolution of bruising and swelling.

What Results Can I Expect After My Facelift Surgery?

Patients are often concerned they will have the “windswept” look or overdone look. Dr. Saunders is an expert in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. By using advanced techniques, Dr. Saunders will give you a youthful and natural face lift operation. Fake looks are always avoided and are extremely unlikely when performed by Dr. Saunders.

Dr. Saunders works with every patient to put together comprehensive programs and surgeries designed just for them to improve their look and appearance. For instance, a face lift might be combined with skin resurfacing, fat transfers, and liposuction of the neck to get the best result. Dr. Saunders takes his time with each patient, treats each patient individually and reviews all his or her options.

It is very important that patients have realistic expectations of what face lift surgeries can offer them. The facelift does not stop nor prevent the aging process. Everyone continues to age; however, these surgeries are long-lasting and very effective.

Please view the Face Lift gallery to view real patient results by Dr. Saunders.  You can also view Face Lift results for patients over 80 here. 
Dr. Saunders performs this surgery in his state of the art cosmetic surgery center located in Chadds Ford, PA.

Dr. Saunders is the author of ‘The Tricky Fountain of Youth: Understanding Cosmetic Surgery’ and  ‘A Woman’s Guide to the “Real-Reality” of Cosmetic Surgery’.  In his books, Dr. Saunders sorts through a myriad of plastic surgery information in an easy to read and informative manner.  Dr. Saunders presents cosmetic surgery topics that focus on realistic options, realistic recovery, and realistic results. Both are a must read if you are considering cosmetic surgery.

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