Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic facial treatments designed to rejuvenate and enhance the facial skin. There are actually many different types of peels, and they are tailored and adjusted by the aesthetician or doctor to work best for your face and your goals. Chemical peels are one of the essential and best med spa treatments available to give you more youthful and healthy skin. The purpose of the peels is to improve the following conditions and includes many other benefits.

  • Facial skin aging
  • Weathered skin
  • Sun, brown, or age spots
  • Pigmentation Problems
  • Melasma
  • Fine Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Pores
  • Skin Texture and Tone
  • Skin Health
Chemical Peels

The actual chemical used can differ depending on your desires and treatment goals. The treatment is customized for your face and skin to maximize the results and benefits. More superficial peels can be used to have a quicker recovery. Moderate and deeper peels will take longer to heal, but they can give more rejuvenation, younger skin, and improved results than compared to the more superficial ones. Often the chemicals used are actual medical grade acids. This is where the name acid peel is derived. Trichloracetic acid or TCA is the most common chemical used and is often considered the active ingredient. To view an actual patient getting a chemical peel, please click here. The patient happens to be ME- Dr. Saunders!

At Rejuvenate Med Spa and my office, the aesthetician, nurse, or I will initially consult with you to help us learn about your goals and your desires for treatment. We will give you extensive education on the process and the recovery. Most chemical peels should be part of a comprehensive skin care treatment program. The best facial rejuvenation will come from the synergistic benefits of other med spa treatments. It is important to understand that with a combination of treatment modalities, you can get facial rejuvenation not achieved by any one method alone. The combination of different treatments leads to more collagen and elastin deposition with better results. Other med spa treatments include microneedling and laser application. By working closely with you, we can help you achieve the new and younger look to your facial skin that you are seeking.

comprehensive skin care program-Dr.Chris Saunders

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels work through the process of coagulation to specifically and precisely remove the outer layers of the skin. They also activate the healing process to give collagen production and increased elastic tissue. Skin quality can be improved, thickened, and rejuvenated. Depending on the depth of the peel, the benefit will vary. Superficial treatments are easier to recover from but will have less benefit and collagen production. As I have emphasized, moderate depth and deeper peels will give more of the desired benefits, because the chemical penetrates deeper and is more effective. Recovery will be longer however. Often it is best and wise to start with more superficial or moderate depth peels to get comfortable with the healing and recovery process.

How is the peel done, and what is involved?

The procedure is performed in the office by a highly skilled and licensed aesthetician or skin care nurse. Sometimes I will perform a peel if it is being simultaneously done during other surgery, such as a facelift or neck lift. The patient will lie down on a med spa bed, and the face is cleansed and prepared. The application of the peel is precise and meticulous, and it surprisingly doesn’t take that much time. The pain is minimal to most patients. You will be given extensive after care or post procedure instructions. It is important to follow these instructions closely.

How is recovery?

Recovery varies depending on the peel. Superficial peels might have very little skin peeling, and your return to work and normal activity is almost immediate or very quick. Moderate depth and deeper peels tend to have significant skin peeling. It is minimally painful. It is typical to have some minor swelling and redness. The skin is tight and has a slightly different color for several days. The peeling then occurs over another 2-3 days. Most people are healed and finished by 5-7 days. Shorter recovery periods will be seen from more superficial treatments. This is important to discuss with the aesthetician, so you get the best peel for your needs and recovery time. You will be given excellent home care products to aid with cleansing and moisturizing.

Are there risks?

All treatments have risks. Peels in general are extremely safe! Deeper peels have more risks than superficial treatments. Risks are reviewed in detail with you during your consultation, and all questions are answered. It is important to have realistic goals and realistic expectations about these treatments. They do not give the benefits that are seen with cosmetic surgery such as a face lift, eye tuck, or a blepharoplasty. Peels don’t help with jowls, turkey necks, bags, or excess skin. If these are your goals, then you should review this with the nurse, aesthetician, or with me. Other methods might be better for you such as surgery. By doing this we can help you get the best results and rejuvenation that you seek.

How are the results?

The results are typically more youthful, soft, healthy, and rejuvenated skin. It is important to remember a few things about results. Not everyone will get the same benefit. Most are extremely happy with the results. Unfortunately, some don’t get as much benefit as others. The best results come from two important features. The first is a comprehensive multi-modality skin care program to achieve benefit synergistically. The second is from a series of treatments. A single treatment will not give as much benefit as a series of peels. A series of peels leads to the best rejuvenation, collagen stimulation, and elastin formation to give the most rejuvenation and skin health.

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