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How to Completely Prepare for Delaware Facelift Surgery

Rhytidectomy or facelift surgery is a serious and major cosmetic procedure. After all, if done well by a skilled plastic surgeon, the procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of your ageing or sagging cheeks, jowls, jaw line, and neck area. Designed primarily to elevate and reposition the drooping facial tissue to a higher and youthful position, rhytidectomy can help you achieve a more rejuvenated, younger looking appearance.

Since preparation is a big chunk to the success of most human endeavors, it is essential that you know what to do – before, during and after the surgery operation day. That said, while a complete preparation plan should be in handy, you should keep your composure throughout the whole process of facelift operation so that you can do the right things as planned instead of unnecessarily pressing the panic button and compromise the success of surgery.

Surgeon Communication

Perhaps the most crucial to overall success of facelift surgery is the quality of communication with your chosen plastic surgeon. You must be able to communicate your specific aesthetic goal and your surgeon should come up with a realistic surgery plan to achieve your objective.

During consultation and pre-op stages, there must be a thorough discussion regarding the benefits, risks, and even post-op care for your intended procedure. Furthermore, you should be made aware of the particular surgery technique that would be utilized by your surgeon, especially with respect to incision location and anesthetics. As much as your surgeon should be straightforward in exchanging surgery details with you, you must also be honest and open with respect to your medical condition and lifestyle status that could possible compromise the outcome.

In all this, it is corollary that you should pick a plastic surgeon with proven skills and expertise on facelift surgery.

Delaware Surgeon

Dr. Christopher Saunders is a Delaware-based plastic surgeon with impressive track record in rhytidectomy procedures. Before recommending any Delaware facelift surgery, he puts emphasis on careful and thought out pre-operative evaluation and discussion of goals. He would lay down the details in terms of the pre-op and recovery steps that you are expected to undertake.

Among other things, the board-certified plastic surgeon would ask you to stop for some weeks the taking of medications that can affect bleeding and clotting. Dr. Saunders would also clarify if you are absolutely willing and capable to follow the post-op steps that could lead you to faster recovery and healing. Moreover, he would see to it that you have set your sights realistically when it comes to the total results. Otherwise, there is no point to proceed with the face lift surgery.

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The Definite Advantages of Dr. Saunders’ Rhinoplasty Surgery

In the cosmetic world, there is no doubt that nose surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures. This applies both to the patient and the surgeon who will perform it.

On the part of the patient, he or she must be mindful of the risk that the surgery might result to something undesirable. Thus, the patient has to be exacting on the change that he/she will want to achieve and must pick a surgeon who has proven record of successful nose jobs. On the part of the surgeon, he or she should also be exacting in soliciting the specific desires of each patient. Thus, the surgeon must consequently have the optimal surgery skills and should be meticulous with details, safety, and sense of aesthetics.

Nose surgery is a very personal procedure. The ultimate tests of a successful operation are: (a) attaining patient’s particular desires and (b) a result where the nose complements well with the rest of one’s facial features.

Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders is known for his precise, safe, and artistically favored rhinoplasty procedures. He is constantly forwarded with gratitude by his patients in Delaware and elsewhere due to his masterful ability in delivering the aspired look of his patients after every nose surgery. What seems to be the edge of Dr. Saunders?

1. Superb Skill. Through actual experience and constant updating of knowledge, Dr. Saunders stands out from among most surgeons in America. He has performed over 25,000 surgeries and counting. This Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon devotes his life to the advancement of cosmetic surgery in general and his actual practice in particular. True enough, he has received multiple awards including America’s Top Cosmetic Surgeon for a couple of years and has published notable articles, studies and books relating to plastic surgery.

2. Detail Oriented. Before performing a rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Saunders confers closely with each patient regarding aesthetic desires and expected outcome. He puts premium on the particular preference of patient, as after all it won’t be his nose that is going to be improved. Furthermore, the Delaware Surgeon is aware how easily a surgery may bring about overdone results if the surgeon gets complacent or didn’t pay keen attention to the surgical plan.

3. Forthright Surgeon. Dr. Saunders will ensure that the patient understands the whole procedure, including risks and recovery steps. Indeed, he will be forthright as to extent of expected physical changes during post-surgery. Being straightforward and honest from the get-go or before performing any procedure is one of the core professional ideals of Dr. Saunders. It is no accident that he published a well-received book entitled “A Woman’s Guide to the ‘Real-Reality’ of Cosmetic Surgery”.

4. Advanced Techniques. With the passion to constantly hone his surgery skills, Dr. Saunders utilizes safe and modern techniques to facilitate greater efficiency and precision with his works. He uses computer imaging and digital photos to provide close representation of the possible rhinoplasty outcome. With the aid of innovative septo-rhinoplasty technique, internal problems with the septum or breathing problems can be addressed while also straightening the nose.

5. Prefers Natural Look. More importantly, Dr. Saunders knows that an attractive cosmetic result almost always equals to a natural looking appearance of the patient. He wants to help the patient achieve his/her best version after surgery, not a version of somebody else.

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Points to Note: For a Chin Augmentation Surgery Ideal Candidate

Chin augmentation procedure is typically performed as complementary to nose surgery (rhinoplasty). When a rhinoplasty is undertaken, chin augmentation is often suggested to provide harmony to facial appearance or at least to balance out the facial features. But these days, chin augmentation (aka mentoplasty) is performed more and more as a standalone procedure than in combination with other surgeries. At any rate, you should seek the guidance and counsel of a capable plastic surgeon when you are thinking of augmenting your chin.

Chin Augmentation Surgery is generally performed using implants to alter the chin’s shape by increasing its projection and/or width. The ultimate goal is normally to either improve the balance of your facial profile or correct a “weak” chin, or both. In order to achieve the desired effect, an implant made either of porous biocompatible material or solid silicone is utilized. Moreover, aside from achieving a stronger and wider chin, you may also opt for chin implant to lengthen your face if that is your concern.

With full training and experience, Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders performs chin implant procedures with the masterstroke of a skilled doctor to match with his well-developed aesthetic prowess. He utilizes the latest and yet safe gadgetry to strike out the delicate balance of your chin with the rest of facial features. He also works closely with an anesthetic specialist to make the whole operation comfortable and painless for you.

But before any chin surgery is undertaken, the Board Certified Surgeon will examine you closely if you are ideal candidate for the procedure. For one, you must be in good health and have a normally functioning immune system. You must not be a chronic smoker or you should be willing to quit smoking weeks before surgery. You should also have clear and reasonable expectations with the surgery result. Furthermore, you will be reminded by Dr. Saunders that there are other temporary options like tissue fillers, especially if you are not yet convinced with the permanent effect of a chin surgery.

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The Masterful Way of Face Lift Surgery in Delaware

At some point in life all of us would succumb to the natural process of ageing. There’s no way of avoiding it completely, as it is as inevitable as the coming of spring after winter days. However, there’s no need to embrace ageing totally just like that when you can still alleviate or maybe erase its unpleasant effects. This is even more true when it comes to cosmetic issues – brought upon by ageing – that are so noticeable on your face. These issues may consist of facial folds, crease lines along the mouth and chin, excess skin and fat, and droopy facial skin.

Using the most advanced techniques in cosmetic surgery, Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders can lessen, if not eliminate, those facial issues through a procedure known as Face Lift or Rhytidectomy Surgery. Dr. Saunders is highly experienced in providing dramatic improvements to such facial areas as jowls, cheeks, neck, and jaw line. Before any surgery is recommended, he discusses and evaluates with the patient about the latter’s skin condition, aesthetic goals, and surgery plans. He is also keen with appropriate pre-operative care and recovery procedures.

It is a professional philosophy of Dr. Saunders to assist his patients every step of the way from consultation to rejuvenation. Among other things, he will require the facelift patient to return to office a day or so after surgery to initiate follow-up observations. He will also provide the patient with detailed instructions on how to manage the expected downtime and to significantly ease any discomfort that may occur post-surgery.

Moreover, Dr. Saunders is known for his forthrightness in dealing with patients. After all, he did not publish a book on such topic for nothing, “ A Woman’s Guide to the ‘Real-Reality’ of Cosmetic Surgery”. He is not one to sugarcoat the expected results and potential risks that come along with a Face Lift Surgery – especially upon consideration of your personal conditions and cosmetic aims. You will be given a clear idea as to the level of expected surgery results and thus prevent any disappointment later on.

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What to Expect from Eye Tucks Delaware – Blepharoplasty Surgery

“Bags” and “hooding” may sound like nice accessories to have to achieve a certain fashion look. But definitely, drooping bags and hooding can make you feel and look old when they are found around your eyes. The eyelid drooping may be caused by a combination of factors, but usually: ageing, stress and gravity. To regain a younger appearance, you may choose to have the facial procedure known as eye-tuck or eye lift or eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

Yes, the surgical procedure comes in many names. But for Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders, he ordinarily refers the procedure as “eye-tuck” to patients. With years of surgical experience, Dr. Saunders can authoritatively say that, depending on a patient’s specific eyelid issue, there are many different methods to perform eyelid rejuvenation. There is no one way to perform an eye-tuck operation. The Delaware Surgeon will discuss with the patient as to the most suitable technique with respect to his cosmetic concern and aspiration.

At any rate, during consultation for Eye Tucks Delaware, Dr. Saunders will    closely evaluate your entire eyelid area and even the the surrounding face. You may have a cosmetic problem concentrated on either the upper or lower eyelid, or both. An eyelid surgery plan will then be tailored to your particular needs, as well as keeping in mind that the procedure should take on a careful and meticulous approach.

The Board Certified Surgeon utilizes extremely “privileged” incisions during surgery, meaning the incisions also fade extremely well. Furthermore, he always wants to produce natural-looking results, not “over done” looks at all. The best results, according to Dr. Saunders, is by “keeping facial balance and maximizing a natural appearance.

Blepharoplasty surgery is one of the component procedures of Dr. Saunders’ Facial Rejuvenation service. You may have eye tuck as a standalone procedure, or undergo it in combination with other facial procedures such as facelift surgery.

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