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General Overview in Undergoing Male Liposuction Surgery in Delaware

It is a reality that a lot of women go through liposuction surgery procedures to suction out and remove excess fat from the body. Women generally undergo lipo to achieve a firmer and tighter body contour, especially in the stomach area and love handles. The other reality is that many men seek to achieve the same, too. After all, having body contour issues and seeking to improve them are also experienced by men.

With extensive experience in male surgical procedures, Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders offers male liposuction surgery with exceptional skill and safety. Aside from typical problem areas in the tummy and flanks, he also performs male lipo that targets hips, buttocks, waist, thighs, knees, chin, cheeks, neck, or upper arms.

Since the primary goal is to remove extra body fat to attain an ideal body contour, liposuction is sometimes combined with other procedures to remove excess skin in problematic areas such as tummy, thighs, and arms. Moreover, some men undergoing gynecomastia (or the surgical procedure to reduce “man boobs”) may also necessitate liposuction as a component procedure.

Once a man considers having a liposuction surgery, he will do well if, foremost, he chooses a board-certified plastic surgeon with substantial experience in lipoplasty, like Dr. Saunders. He should make an ally in his surgeon to achieve his desired cosmetic goals, as well as to be provided with clear overview on the surgery risks and recovery steps.

Dr. Saunders is widely known for giving each his patients with realistic information from the possible outcome to potential risks. He will help patients arrive at a decision on whether to go for the surgery or not – he will not be the one to make such decision himself.

Moreover, Dr. Saunders utilizes the latest techniques in performing liposuction surgeries, including tumescence and liposculpturing. These techniques are known for giving the best results in removing body fat – using the smallest cannula and with the least risks.

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Dr. Saunders: Trusted Ally to Male Facial Rejuvenation in Delaware

Compared to women, men apparently do not seem to have a very strong “cosmetic enhancement” culture. As far as men undergoing a cosmetic treatment or a plastic surgery, the number is significantly less than women having lip enhancement or liposuction procedure. Partly, this can be attributed to the long-entrenched culture that men should not treat their physical appearance as a priority.

As of recent years, however, there is an observed surge in the number of male patients seeking cosmetic help or intervention from a plastic surgeon. From the data of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men had around 750,000 cosmetic procedures or almost 8% of the total procedures in 2011. Compared to the stats from a many previous years ago, this is a significant increase – and more interestingly, this includes male patronage to facial treatment procedures.

Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders is a trusted professional in male facial rejuvenation procedures. For many years, he has proven his precise skills and experience in providing successful outcomes to eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty), facelift (rhytidectomy), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), and facial fillers treatment (like Botox and Dysport).

The board-certified plastic surgeon is mindful that there are certain differences in male’s anatomy and goals compared to that of women’s. In order to achieve the desired and ideal facial rejuvenation result, the male factors, such as the thickness and quality of skin, should be considered thoroughly. Other points of difference to female anatomy include the male hair, the hair pattern, bones and muscles, and blood supply.

The Delaware Surgeon provides utmost importance to a customized treatment plan for each patient. Thus, Dr. Saunders ensures that he can discuss comprehensively with each patient regarding the pros and cons of the facial treatment options. Moreover, he ensures complete confidentiality of all surgical operations and patient consultations.

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The Top Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Delaware

The desire to look and feel good is not a monopoly among women. A lot of men in the population also seek to achieve a better contoured body and a younger looking facial skin – although not too many of them, partly because of the lingering “macho” culture, would admit that this is the case and desire.

Nevertheless, in the recent years, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there is an increasing trend for men trying out cosmetic surgery procedures. These cosmetic procedures range from facial rejuvenation treatments like blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to body contouring procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

In Wilmington, DE, Dr. Christopher Saunders is one of the finest plastic surgeons to perform cosmetic procedures for male patients. To facilitate the desired aesthetic outcome, Dr. Saunders would engage in a forthright yet confidential consultation process with each patient. He wants each patient to honestly relay his desire for cosmetic improvement without feeling embarrassed for it, including his concerns on the risk factor. For the Board Certified Surgeon, making his patients comfortable during evaluation is crucial to the ultimate success of any procedure.

Furthermore, Dr. Saunders utilizes innovative techniques and technology to ensure safety and precision with his surgical procedures. The top male cosmetic surgery procedures at his Delaware Office are:
Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)
Breast Reduction Surgery, and
Cosmetic Ear Surgery.

To know more about any of these male surgery procedures, please schedule now a consultation with Dr. Saunders thru this Email Contact Form or via (302) 652-3331.

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery for Men Delaware, Media, Philadelphia, West Chester PA Part Three: Male Liposuction

Men are interested in the benefits of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in increasing numbers. Male patients can benefit from liposuction, liposculpturing, and other cosmetic operations. It is natural for men to want to look thinner, flatter, and younger. It is natural to want to turn the clock back and have a more fit, thin, and sculpted abdomen, chest, or love handles.

Cosmetic procedures can help men from Delaware, Media, Philadelphia, West Chester Pa and other geographic areas achieve these goals! Please see the before and after photos for male liposuction.

Sometimes a male patient can not achieve the sculpted abdomen or stomach area that he wants. Exercise alone doesn’t always give the results that we hope to achieve. Diet, exercise, and proper nutrition are always important but might not give the final desired appearance. Liposuction or liposculpting can help a person who wants further improvement. Male liposuction surgery or liposuction for men does not replace the importance of diet and exercise. However, the cosmetic procedures are an option for those who want more. The surgery can really give the person a look that was not achieved with working out alone. The plastic surgery can be a big help for many people, giving them the extra fit look.

I specialize in male cosmetic liposuction or liposuction for men. I use the latest techniques including tumescence and liposculpturing to give the best results. Liposculpting is the process of removing the fat with the smallest cannulas or instruments possible. It is believed this removes the fat in the best manner to get a result that is the smoothest and with the least risks.

What areas can be treated? 

Liposuction can be done to “suck out” and remove excess fat from the abdominal area or stomach. It is commonly done also to the flanks, or love handles. These two areas are some of the most frequently performed operations on men. The chest area is also frequently done. Gynecomastia is the development of “man boobs” or fat deposits in the chest. Treatment can help remove unwanted fat from this location too. 

What about technique?
As mentioned above, I believe the tumescent technique and liposculpturing give the best results. The goal is the smoothest removal of fat with the least risks of an unnatural shape or lumpy appearance. Another technique that I perform includes “etching” the abdominal area to try and achieve a more sculpted appearance to the stomach – like creating a six-pack look!
Liposuction results are improved with the tumescent technique, liposculpting, and the “etching” to achieve an enhanced result!  I have said that almost every man can benefit from liposuction of the stomach, flanks, and love handles: including myself!

What about recovery?
Liposuction recovery can be surprisingly easy for most male patients having cosmetic surgery. The liposuction recovery is usually just 2-4 days off work or just a long week-end. Most patients are surprised at how little pain is involved! Compression garments are worn after surgery to help with liposuction recovery and bruising. These can be hidden under most clothing.

What about risks?
All operations have risks. The risks overall are considered very low. It is important to understand realistic expectations. This means surgery can only do so much. Even with the best techniques, a person doesn’t want to expect more than what really can be achieved with the procedures.

I will work closely with you to determine you specific goals for your liposuction surgery and other cosmetic needs. During the consultation, I will review liposuction cost, recovery, technique, and other important aspects of the cosmetic operation.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please check out the liposuction before and after photos on our web site. Also, please come in for a complimentary consultation to learn about your choices and options!

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery for Men Delaware, Media, Philadelphia, West Chester PA Part Two:

Male patients are seeking cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in ever increasing numbers. As reviewed in Part One, men have normal desires to look younger, thinner, and healthier. It is common to want the changes and improvements that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery for men can give people. This writing will focus more on facial rejuvenation. People from all over and including Delaware, Media, Philadelphia, and West Chester PA will enjoy the information. Please see another educational writing for additional information. It is titled “Facial Rejuvenation Concepts: Facelift Delaware: Eye Lift Delaware.”

Male cosmetic and plastic surgery includes facial surgery like eye lid lift or blepharoplasty, facelift or rhytidectomy, nose job or rhinoplasty, and facial fillers, Botox or Dysport. Men also want to look thinner and flatter and are interested in liposuction or liposculpturing. Some men also benefit from tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery. For those interested, please see my video (Eyelid surgery with Dr. Saunders) that demonstrates an eyelid lift. It shows the skilled and meticulous nature of the surgery.

With facial rejuvenation surgery for men, patients want to look younger and improve jowls, droopy cheeks, and neck excess. I specialize in male cosmetic surgery and help my patients achieve their goals. Men do not get the same “facelift” as a women patient. The male facelift operation is adjusted and tailored to a male’s anatomy and goals. There are many differences. This includes the thickness and quality of the skin. The differences include also the blood supply, hair, and the hair pattern. Finally, there are differences in the glands, bones, muscles, and deeper tissues. These factors should be considered to give the best facial rejuvenation for the male patient.

For example, in a facelift or neck lift for men, the technique is adjusted to consider a male’s hairline. It is different from a women’s operation. The incision can be hidden behind the tragis of the ear to give an “extra hidden” incision. It is also adjusted in the temple area to give a male pattern in this location. I use the latest techniques, in my opinion, for my male facelift cosmetic operation. A facelift for men often includes SMAS tightening and “deeper muscle” work to give the best rejuvenation possible. 

Facelift recovery is surprisingly easy! Most male patients are surprised at the very small amount of pain. Often, people don’t even need pain pills or just a few! However, the male cosmetic patient needs to remember that bruising and swelling take time to resolve. Time off from work needs to be considered after this surgery. Computer work, telephone calls, and desk work can usually be resumed in just 2 or 3 days. Business men can be surprised at how quickly they get back to their office work. A longer amount of time is necessary before one goes out in public or does business calls. The recovery can be summarized as being surprisingly easy with minimal pain. However, bruising and swelling is on the face and is visible. This takes time to resolve and go away. An appropriate amount of time, such as a week or two, is needed for this healing phase.

I will work closely with you to determine you specific goals for your facelift or rhytidectomy and other cosmetic needs. During the consultation, I will review facelift cost, facelift recovery, facelift technique, and other important aspects of the cosmetic operation. 

Please call the office for a complimentary consultation. Also see the facelift before and after photos in the photo gallery in the menu.