Surgi Center

The Brandywine Cosmetic Surgi-Center is a state licensed deluxe cosmetic surgical center. Dr. Saunders performs his surgery almost exclusively in this facility. The center was designed and built using all state guidelines and safety features. It has every safety feature of a hospital without exception!! Many patients have commented that it is like a small deluxe hospital. One of the most important features of the center is its cleanliness. Since it is personally run and managed by Dr. Saunders and his staff the facility is extremely clean and immaculate. On operative days it may be cleaned up to seven separate times! This is in Dr. Saunders’ opinion, a major advantage over a hospital. Hospitals are communal in their very nature. Operations involving infections, for example, are common in hospitals. Major bacteria such as MRSA and VRE are probable in hospitals because of this fact. Clean cosmetic surgery cases are best performed in a facility like the Brandywine Cosmetic Surgi-Center. Of course, Dr. Saunders cannot promise patients that there won’t be any risk of infection at all. The facility mirrors his attempt to give you the best operation in the cleanest environment possible!

surgi-center-1The Surgi-Center also allows Dr. Saunders to control all the other factors that go into your operation. His nurses and staff are hand picked and specially trained. They are educated on the intricacies and minute details of cosmetic surgery. The surgical assistants and anesthesia team are all experts in helping Dr. Saunders perform his surgery. Controlling all of these factors allows Dr. Saunders to focus on the surgery at hand to maximize its success!
Most patients have loved the Surgi-center located in Chadds Ford, PA. This is conveniently located near Wilmington DE, Newark DE, Philadelphia PA, The Main Line, and other surrounding locations. Many patients have remarked on the warm, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere of the center. From the deluxe décor to the extreme cleanliness of the operating center, people have raved about the facility. It also allows for private and confidential surgical care when needed. Dr. Saunders and his staff believe you will find that this center is right for you!!

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