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Botox Fillers Delaware: Non-Invasive Ways to Facial Rejuvenation

Each person experiences some facial skin problem of varying degree during his or her whole stay in this world. Even the most beautiful movie stars are not perfect, as they get to experience various kinds of skin imperfections as well at one point or another. If you have some facial skin issues at this point in your life, you have actually two main options to remedy them: surgery or non-surgery methods.

Surgical procedures, when performed properly by a trained and experienced surgeon, provide a good chance to rejuvenate your facial skin. Some of the popular face surgeries are facial lift, brow lift and face lipoplasty – these are procedures that have been tried and worked for many individuals so they can potentially be helpful for you also. But then, you may have to wait for a long list of procedural steps before you get to experience the full effect of these surgeries. The surgeries are, by their nature, invasive so you have to ready yourself with certain risks that they entail.

Non-surgical treatments are the other major option for facial skin rejuvenation. Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders offers alternative, non-surgery treatments for facial skin issues and concerns. One of his top non-surgical facial products is Botox Filler, widely known all over the world for facial rejuvenation and wrinkle removal. Botox is also a suitable treatment for crow’s feet wrinkles, eleven wrinkles, and even to help with sweating in the armpit. It works at the level of the muscle, thus paving the way for the lessening of wrinkles and improvement of skin texture and appearance.

Being a non-surgery treatment, botox is fairly easy to administer and it entails much lesser risks than conventional surgeries. Botox Fillers Delaware are expected to take effect in over a couple of days and expected to last for several months. Once determined to be an ideal candidate for botox, Dr. Saunders will guide you throughout the duration of treatment. You can expect minimal to no pain with this treatment, and numbing creams will make the process even more comfortable. Moreover, botox treatment may be combined with other facial skin procedures (like skin resurfacing and lasers) for a more noticeable result.

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