Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin : Neuromodulators

Botox and Dysport are brand names for medicine used to treat facial wrinkles. These treatments have become integral parts of overall facial rejuvenation. They dramatically diminish wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and glabellar area. The safety and success rates are extremely high. FDA studies and medical reviews have documented over multiple decades the wonderful value and safety of these treatments to help us look younger and healthier. Click here to see a patient getting Botox.

These medicines are called neuromodulators. This is the medical word for how the chemical works to improve wrinkles. The medicine works at the neuro-muscular end plate. This is the junction of the nerve and the muscle. This synaptic area is where Botox works. It blocks the stimulation, and the muscle relaxes and improves the wrinkle. The original work for Botox was for a condition called blepharospasm. It was found that the medicine helped the spasms and also improved wrinkles. Decades later, Botox has become one of the biggest treatments to rejuvenate our face. The American Society of Plastic Surgery reported 7.4 million treatments in 2018.


The average treatment across the county is $400. This price varies depending on how many areas you want treated. One area alone, like the crows feet, will be the least expensive. Treating many areas like the forehead, crows feet, and glabellar area requires much more product and will increase expense. My office runs regular specials to help you get the best treatments possible. Follow my web page and make sure we have your email so you can find out the best prices.

Where can I use Botox?

Locations to be treated are discussed in detail during a consultation. The glabellar area is the area between the eyebrows. It often has up and down winkles that look like the number 11. The muscles called the procerus and the corrugator are the muscles that lead to these glabellar wrinkles. The crows feet are wrinkles that extend from the eyes. These wrinkles are do to contractions of the obicularis oculi, and they are worse with squinting and smiling. The forehead wrinkles go horizontally or side to side. They are caused by the frontalis muscle that elevates the brow and forehead. Finally, bunny lines and lines of the lip can be treated. Bunny lines are on the side of the nose and are related to the nasalis muscles. Lip wrinkles can be called smokers lines. They are from the obicularis oris muscle.

What is involved in treatment?

Treatment is done on a med spa table. It takes about 15 minutes. Sometimes local numbing ointment is used to diminish any pain. The process involves a few tiny needle pricks to administer the Botox,Dysport, or other neuromodulator. Light pressure is held at the injection site to minimize bleeding. Pain goes away almost immediately after the treatment is done. Most people can have a normal evening the night of the injection.

Expectations and recover

You are not supposed to rub the treated area for the first night. This can cause spread of the Botox to locations we don’t want. This is actually very rare, so don’t worry about this; but it’s important to follow instructions to maximize safety and results. You can start exercising in 4 hours, although most people resume activity the next day. It takes 3-5 days for the medicine to kick in. Sometimes it can take a week. By kick in, it means to gradually increase to maximal potency or effect. The treatment lasts 2-4 months, although 3 months is the average length of time seen for most people.

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from my initial consult and on-going post-op care. Thanks to everyone who participated in my care; but a very special thanks to the scheduling coordinator and the surgery nurses. This experience has far exceeded my expectations and I will certainly share my experience!….”

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Results and success are extremely high. Satisfaction rates are typically higher than 95% in most studies. However, it is important to remember that neuromodulators like Botox improve wrinkles; they don’t get rid of them. This is called having realistic expectations. Also, these treatments like most of plastic surgery are an art. My office and I will work closely with you to determine the best dosages and locations. For example, some people may metabolize the product quickly, and they will need more medicine on their next visit. Others might not like the forehead movement or eyebrow movement. If this is the case, it is reviewed and the medicine can be adjusted on the next treatments by moving it up or down slightly. It is important to be actively involved in the treatment. You should know how much medicine and exactly where it is injected. This allows us to change it or modify the next treatment to give you a better result.


Risks are actually extremely low and are reviewed with you in detail. It is not uncommon to have some minor bruising and swelling. Ice application for 72 hours can help with this. Make-up is allowed to help cover any blemishes from the injections. Some patients will get a headache too. Motrin or Tylenol are useful for this type of headache. It resolves quickly. Some patients might have a bit of minor movement on the side of the eyebrow. Keep the office notified if this occurs. Often a minor touch up can fix this problem with high success rate.

Remember, Botox tends to improve our wrinkles and not get rid of ever wrinkle. If you have unrealistic expectations you will be unhappy with the treatments. Botox is not for jowls or bags or neck excess. These are best treated with surgery such as a facelift or neck lift.


Botox treatments have become a mainstay treatment to look younger and healthier. The treatments work to improve wrinkles in the face. The main areas treated are the forehead, glabellar, and crows feet wrinkles. The injection process is actually very easy, and it is expected that you get back to work and other activities almost immediately. Risks are extremely low. Most medical studies show extremely high success and satisfaction rates. These treatments are part of a person’s goals to look younger and have safe and effective facial rejuvenation. Please come in for a thorough consultation to determine what is best for you.

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