Spray Tans

Spray tanning is is a wonderful way to get or maintain a beautiful, glowing, and healthy tan. It is a quick and safe way to instantly give a natural and youthful looking color to your skin. It is customizable and can be formulated for your unique skin tone to achieve the exact glow that you desire with maximal benefits. An advanced Airbrush spray tanning technique is used with completely organic and natural products to delivery a top of the line and high quality skin tan.

Spray Tans

Spray tanning is an easy and quick way to get natural, healthy, and bronze skin.
You can get beautiful skin colors without the risks of sun beds and ultraviolet damage, which can cause aging. All ingredients are FDA approved, organic, healthy, and safe and have no known adverse side effects.

Our spray tanner is Robyn Levithan who is an expert in this technology and techniques. She has been tanning for over two decades. She can be reached via text at 302.563.7558 or email at SpraytansbyRobyn@gmail.com

Spray Tans

What is spray tanning, and how does it work?

Spray tanning is a method of self tanning or sunless tanning where your body is sprayed with an airbrush to give a fine mist to tan and add color to your skin.

DHA or diihydroacetone is a carbohydrate derived from glycerin, sugarcane or other natural plant sources. It is completely organic. It interacts with the amino acids naturally found in your skin to make your skin become tanner, more attractive, and darker. It is approved by the FDA and is considered completely safe. All ingredients in the spray tan are paraben free, gluten free, and 100% vegan.

What are the benefits of spray tans?

Quick and simple
Makes you feel great and look healthier
Natural and even tans
No UV exposure
Streak free glowing skin
Customizable color
Time-saving and relatively instant
Spirit lifting and confidence boosting

Spray Tans

What about tanning beds or sun bathing?

Spray tans have no harmful ultraviolet exposure. They do not cause skin cancer, and have skin enhancing ingredients. In contrast, tanning beds and sun exposure can cause wrinkles, premature aging and can lead to skin cancer.

The Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society are too prominent medical organizations that recommend spray tanning as a safer alternative to tan skin compared to sun exposure and sun beds.

How do I prep for my spray tans?

We recommend exfoliating, shaving, and waxing about 12 to 24 hours prior to your session. Don’t exfoliate too close to the tanning appointment, as your skin could still be irritated, and this can affect your spray tan results. Make sure your skin is free of make up, lotions, deodorant, and perfumes. Clean skin is always the best.

What if I don’t have time to exfoliate before my session?

We offer an upgraded service which has a no water required mitt that gently polishes, primes, and balances the skins pH. This is done immediately prior to your session while maximizing your sunless color results.

What should I wear during an after my session?

You can wear a bikini, or a one piece bathing suit, or your birthday suit. Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Wear something that has minimal tan lines to get the best results. Hair caps will be provided.

What do I wear afterwards?

Dark and loose fitting clothing is best worn afterwards. Flip-flops for the feet should also be worn.

How long after my session can I shower?

It is recommended that you don’t shower for a full 5 to 7 hours to get the best results. Actually your spray tan is still developing the next day. You can shower as soon as 8 hours after your spray tan, but waiting longer can give you a darker tan.

How long will my tan last?

Typical your tan will last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Make sure to stay hydrated and to continue to moisturize after your first post tan rinse. Dry and dehydrated skin will shorten the length of your spray tan.

Things to avoid?

Please avoid shaving, waxing, excessive sweating, abrasive soaps, and loofahs.

Does it prevent sunburn?

No. It will not prevent some burning. You must apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun

Spray Tans


Spray tanning is a great alternative to ultraviolet tanning or suntanning as it’s completely safe. You can get that brown and healthy skin look without exposing yourself to harmful ultraviolet rays and the risks of skin cancer. If you want to be safe, spray tanning is the healthy and natural way to go. Get a sun kissed glow to your skin without the risks of sun exposure and ultraviolet damage.