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Dr. Saunders believes the best possible skincare results are achieved through a comprehensive skincare program. A comprehensive program uses multiple modalities to achieve greater results. The different modalities work synergistically to maximize skin care rejuvenation. Dr. Saunders believes this comprehensive program achieves results significantly better than other methods. The different modalities usually include chemical, mechanical, and laser treatments. Facials or peels are usually comprised of chemicals that are applied to the face and work through the coagulative process. Mechanical applications usually include dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. Laser treatments work through light application and target the deeper tissues of the skin. This helps with collagen generation and blood vessel ablation. A comprehensive skincare program usually includes all three modalities and it is specially formulated and adjusted for each person’s unique skin needs.

It is important to understand the concept of skin resurfacing. Aging of the facial skin involves not just the drooping of tissues, but also weathering of the skin. The drooping of facial tissues leads to the development of jowls, turkey necks, lower cheeks, and deeper wrinkles. This type of facial aging can not be corrected with med spa treatments. The affects of aging are best treated with surgery and a consultation with Dr. Saunders would be recommended.

As we age, facial skin develops an older appearance. The skin develops excess pigmentation, blood vessels, and loss of youthful texture, tone and firmness. These changes are where the med spa treatments work best. Botox and Fillers are also part of the med spa’s services. These work on facial wrinkles of the forehead and eyes. The fillers help with rejuvenation of the folds around the mouth and the cheeks. The treatments work extremely well and are very, very safe. A comprehensive skincare program targets these aspects of facial aging to lead to a more youthful, healthy, and attractive appearance.

Dr. Saunders has two full service med spas to help you with your skin care needs. The med spa is “doctor supervised” to provide you with the highest quality care and service. Many other doctors and businesses provide skincare these days. However, the quality can be sub-optimal. Dentists, family doctors, and salons likely do not have the same care and quality as that provided by a board certified plastic surgeon! Also, the price is often just as good or even better if comparisons are made. At Dr. Saunders’ supervised med spa you can be sure that you are getting the latest and best treatments available. There are two med spa locations available, Wilmington, DE and Chadds Ford, PA offices.

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