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What is Body Lift Surgery?

Body Lift Surgery or Body Contouring Surgery are operations to improve and enhance loose tissue and skin. The operations can give dramatic and wonderful results. Dr. Saunders’ Body Lift before and after photos can be viewed in the photo gallery. Patients from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and surrounding states can feel reassured that Dr. Saunders will work closely with you to give you the best cosmetic surgery possible with the highest of skill and care.

Body Lift and Body Contouring procedures actually comprise a group of operations to re-shape the body. These operations include arm tuck, tummy tuck, buttock lift, breast lift, back lift, and thigh lift surgery. The procedures are performed to improve selected parts of the body that have developed excess skin, fat, and tissue. The operations can be done separately or combined in different patterns to help the specific concerns of each person. This will be discussed in detail below. The Lower Body Lift usually is a combination of thigh lift and tummy tuck, with or without a buttock lift. Also, please see the tummy tuck before and after photos.

Reasons For A Body Lift

The body lift procedures are typically done in patients who have developed loose and excess skin for one reason or another. Causes include major weight loss, age, pregnancy, and poor skin elasticity. The operations directly target the loose skin and tissue to give a better shape and appearance to the area.

The Body Lift Procedure

Dr. Saunders uses the latest techniques and methods for all his body contouring surgery procedures. He will work closely with each patient to understand the different operations, recovery, risks, and cost. Most patients also have liposuction or lipo-sculpturing at the same operation to remove excess fat. This helps re-shape and “sculpt” the body to give enhanced and improved results.

Many people who have developed extra skin have extra skin in a lot of areas. It might not just be the stomach; they may have developed the extra skin in the arms, legs, neck, buttock, and back areas. Having so many areas with loose skin and tissue can be frustrating. People might want to have all the areas treated at once, or one stage, to “get rid of” all the skin.

One major concept to learn about body lift surgery is that “staged” operations are most likely best. “Staged” operations means that more than on operation will need to be done to improve the different areas that have loose skin. This is done because operations that are too big have been shown to have higher rates of complications, such as infection and bleeding. The operations are safer when done in more than

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one stage. This is critically important!

The first “stage” of body contouring will depend on the consultation and the patient’s wishes. Typically, the worst areas are addressed first. Often, two operations can safely be done at one time. This might mean the stomach and legs or the breasts and stomach. Three major operations are often too much but this can be individualized for each person. By picking the best first “stage” the patient usually gets a wonderful new and enhanced shape to the areas treated. The second “stage” can be planned from the start or determined after the first operation.

Body Lift Recovery

Body lift recovery or body contouring recovery is reviewed with each patient in detail by Dr. Saunders. The recovery depends on the specific operation chosen. Most people should plan on 2-4 weeks off most jobs and responsibilities. Desk jobs and sedentary occupations can be resumed often at 2 weeks.
Drainage tubes are typically used in the post operative period to collect excess fluid. These are usually not as bad or painful as believed. They are needed for a short period of time and give the best results, by removing fluid that can worsen results.

Pain After Body Contouring Surgery

Dr. Saunders uses a “Pain-Buster” to help with many of the operations he performs. This device “trickles” in Lidocaine (dental Novocain) to give dramatically lower pain after surgery. The device has really helped make the body lift recovery much easier, and patients have been extremely happy with it. The ” Pain-Buster” in Dr. Saunders’ opinion has been one of the major advances in plastic surgery in the last decade. This is because it can reduce pain and discomfort to such a high degree. Improved pain leads to improved satisfaction and results. The days of hospitalizations and intra-venous medications are in the past. Most people will still need pain pills to supplement the “Pain-Buster.”

Cost of Body Lift and Body Contouring Procedures

Body lift cost and body contouring cost will be specifically reviewed with each person. The operations are often more affordable than many people believe. Dr. Saunders also will work out a financial price that will not cost you more for doing the operations in “stages” versus at one time. There is cost advantage to doing the operations all at once to save on anesthesia and facility fees. Dr. Saunders will work out a price for all the operations you are planning. When they are divided or done “staged” the price will not change! This leads to no financial incentive to do the operations in a staged fashion. It also means safer surgery. It can add up to major savings for the person interested in body contouring after major weight loss or anyone interested in body lift surgery.

Body Lift – Before & After

Why Choose Dr. Saunders For Body Contouring

Dr. Saunders specializes in these procedures and performs exclusively cosmetic surgery. He is a member of the Hurwitz Center and the director of the Philadelphia section. Plastic surgeons with the Hurwitz Center have special interest in these operations discussed. By working closely with you, he can help you achieve the results you have once just dreamed. Please see the body contouring before and after photos.

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