Abdominoplasty Addendum

  1. Please take the pre-op testing order provided in your surgical packet to a lab of your choice (i.e. Quest, Lab Corp, etc.) and have the required CBC lab work done within 6 months of surgery or ASAP if surgery is scheduled sooner than 6 months. If your Abdominoplasty Addendum surgery requires additional testing, please make sure all testing is completed during time frame indicated. It is your responsibility to have all testing completed no less than 30 days prior to your surgery or you may risk the cancellation of your surgery. The results should be faxed to Brandywine Surgery Center as printed on the form.


  1. Three forms need to be signed or initialed and returned to our office by fax or e-mail before your Abdominoplasty Addendum surgery. Please fill out the appropriate highlighted areas.
  • Pre-operative Instructions – initial 2 lines. Make sure you keep an additional copy for your records.
  • Hotel Stay – initial 1 line on the form for the overnight stay with our private duty nurse if you plan to stay overnight at the hotel suite provided by Dr. Saunders. Please keep an additional copy for your records.
  • Request and Consent to Operation – print your name at the top of the paper, initial appropriate box for pregnancy (females only), sign and date the bottom of the paper, and have a witness sign and date at the bottom of the paper. Please keep an additional copy for your records.


  1. DO NOT FORGET to schedule your pre-operative appointment to see Dr. Saunders again within 1 month of your surgery date. You can make the appointment by calling (302) 652-3331 and pressing option # 1.


  1. Please remember that your final balance is due 30 days prior to your Abdominoplasty Addendum surgery. You may bring this with you to your pre-operative appointment IF the pre-operative appointment is more than 1 month before your surgery date. You may also contact Vicky to make the final balance payment if your pre-operative appointment is less than 1 month before surgery.


  1. Directions to our ambulatory surgery facility are available to be downloaded.


  1. Please text Vicky with any questions at (302) 584-8408.


Thank you,
Vicky Sheehan RN
Administrator & Surgical Coordinator

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