Delaware Mommy Makeover – Look and Feel Better than Ever

Dr Saunders performs the latest and newest techniques of liposuction. In his opinion, tumescence and liposculpturing give the best and smoothest removal of fat!!

The result is a flatter, smaller, and more attractive area.  However, a person needs to have realistic expectations. Liposuction might not give a person as much fat removal or as flat a result as they hope. The result can be limited by excess skin, weak muscles, or poor elasticity. For example, in the stomach area, a cosmetic tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck might be a better option. Theses operations address weak muscles and loose skin.

It is extremely important to understand that liposuction has limitations. This is part of understanding realistic expectations. A patient interested in liposuction cosmetic surgery or other Delaware plastic surgery will be helped by understanding this important point.

A consultation is recommended with Dr Saunders to thoroughly discuss your desires. Contact us today to begin your transformation!!