Thigh Lift Procedure Procedure in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware

A thigh lift or thigh tuck is an operation performed to enhance and improve the thigh area. The goal of the operation is to improve excess skin, fat, saddlebags, and overall laxity of the thigh area. The procedure is often combined with liposuction to maximize the body contouring. Different thigh lifts can be done depending on the person’s anatomy, and needs. The incisions are in the groin crease or down the inside of the leg when there is lots of excess skin.

Dr. Saunders uses the latest techniques in his opinion to sculpt the area and provide long lasting body contouring results.

The best candidates are those who have loose and excess tissue, fat, and skin in these areas. Classically, weight loss pregnancy, and post bariatric surgery lead to the need for a thigh lift or thigh tuck. Overall general health is important when considering body contouring surgery.

The thigh lift can also be combined with a flank and buttock lift and is called a Lower Body Lift. This procedure can really rejuvenate the lower aspect of the body for dramatic changes. The operation can also be combined with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and is called a Total Body Lift. Consultations and thorough understanding of these operations is extremely important for those interested.

Post bariatric plastic surgery is one of Dr. Saunders interests. He is a member of The Hurwitz Center and the director of the Philadelphia section. Members of The Hurwitz Center specialize in post bariatric surgery and have special understanding of the needs of patients after massive weight loss and bariatric surgery.

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