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Dr. Saunders: Respected Male Cosmetic Surgeon in Delaware

The latest industry data (for year 2012) released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveal a lot of things, including the general growth of the cosmetic surgery industry as well as particular increase in the preference for minimally invasive treatments.

There is also a revelation of the continued increase among men that are trying out various types of cosmetic treatments. The latter is not at all a bizarre phenomenon, but rather the statistics have only confirmed the growing reality that more and more men are embracing the fact that they may also choose to improve their aesthetic conditions – and be more open about it this time around.

It is not about being discontented with one’s physical attributes. But rather, it is a welcome manifestation that a man may take care enough about his body contour and facial skin quality for the sake of his self satisfaction and improvement of his confidence. After all, there are safe and effective treatments available that he may now choose from.

Specifically, male patients today may opt to have liposuction, facial rejuvenation, among other cosmetic operations. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with men seeking to achieve thinner, flatter, and younger appearance. Furthermore, they can already benefit from cosmetic wellness choices that may somehow turn the clock back and remove some of the wanted excesses from their body like the dreaded stubborn fat and facial wrinkles.

In Delaware, the name Dr. Christopher Saunders is highly regarded in topnotch male surgery procedures from nose surgery operation to male breast reduction surgery. The years of practice and thousands of male surgery operations successfully performed by Dr. Saunders cannot be denied.

Experience and skills aside, his practice secret may lie from the fact that, right from consultation period, Dr. Saunders would encourage each patient to be really comfortable with what’s ahead. He engages them in a forthright yet confidential consultation process. The respected male cosmetic surgeon will solicit from patients the true cosmetic improvement that each patient desires, at the same time ensuring that a workable or realistic surgical plan is created from those desires. Perhaps the rub then when it comes to his practice is that he is realistic with his dealings and actual surgical outcome. The Board Certified plastic surgeon also puts premium on the use of innovative surgical techniques and utmost safety of his patient.

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Brandywine Cosmetic Surgi-Center: Where Masterful Surgeries Happen

Doctor Christopher Saunders is not only a well-known cosmetic surgery expert in the country. Primarily due to his undeniable passion for surgery and genuine patient care, he is also known for having one of the cleanest and most well-maintained surgical facilities in Pennsylvania-Delaware area. This is in line with his sincere desire to give the best operation in the cleanest environment possible.

Known as the Brandywine Cosmetic Surgi-Center, it is a state-licensed deluxe cosmetic surgical center. Dr. Saunders performs his masterful surgeries almost exclusively in this facility. It is personally managed by Dr. Saunders and his well trained staff. The center definitely followed all guidelines and safety features from the moment it was designed and built. Furthermore, it has every safety feature of a hospital without exception! It is no surprise that many patients have remarked that the facility is akin to a small deluxe hospital: plus its comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

One of the salient features of the Cosmetic Surgi-Center is its being superbly clean from floor to the ceiling. During a single operative day, the facility may be cleaned by as much as seven separate times. For Dr. Saunders, this immaculate set-up is superior to many regular hospitals. Bacterial Infections from operations such as MRSA and VRE, which are very common in hospitals, are significantly reduced at Dr. Saunders’ facility.

As a consequence, the Delaware Surgeon has greater control of all other factors during performance of any surgery procedure. He is provided thus with more focus to concentrate on the success of each operation. Moreover, Dr. Saunders is being assisted by nurses, staff, and anesthetic specialists who are all handpicked by him and specially trained. In other words, his professional assistants are well-versed with intricacies of all the cosmetic procedures offered by Dr. Saunders.

The Brandywine Surgi-center is specifically located in Chadds Ford, PA – although it is conveniently located near Wilmington, DE, Newark DE, Philadelphia, PA, The Main Line, and other surrounding locations. Dr. Saunders is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and practices cosmetic surgery exclusively.

If you want to visit the Surgi-center and personally consult with Dr. Saunders, please contact us now thru telephone (302) 652-3331 or via this Online Reservation Form.

Comprehensive Skincare Program at Delaware Med Spa

When one relates the natural process of ageing to facial skin, the correlation almost always entails skin drooping. It is true but it is only half of the whole story. Facial skin ageing involves both the drooping of skin tissues and the weathering of the facial skin. Both aesthetic concerns require Skin Resurfacing – or the treatment “to improve the texture, clarity and overall appearance of your skin”.

Surgery Vs. Med Spa

Facial tissue drooping — that develops into jowls, turkey necks, lower cheeks, and deeper wrinkles – is best remedied with a surgery procedure. Delaware Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Saunders performs safe and precise facial skin surgeries, such as Face Lift and Facial Rejuvenation.

On the other hand, not all facial skin concerns necessitate a surgical intervention. As you age, facial skin develops pigmentation, blood vessels, and loss of youthful texture, tone and firmness – in sum total, you are likely to appear older and more tired than your actual age. These facial skin changes are treatable at Dr. Saunders’ Med Spa. The array of Med Spa services offered includes botox (which works on facial wrinkles of the forehead and eyes) and fillers (which helps with rejuvenation of the folds around the mouth and the cheeks).

The comprehensiveness of Dr. Saunders’ skincare program is what mainly sets it out from the rest. It utilizes multiple modalities to achieve greater results, and such modalities work in synergy with each other to maximize skincare rejuvenation. The different modalities usually include chemical, mechanical, and laser treatments. At the Delaware Med Spa, Dr. Saunders normally combines these modalities to produce superior results and upon considering a patient’s specific needs.

Moreover, compared with other so-called Med Spas, Dr. Saunders’ is “doctor supervised” in providing you with the highest quality care and services. In other words, you are assured of receiving the latest and best facial skin treatments at Med Spa Delaware.

Visit Dr. Saunders soon Med Spa and see the services for yourself! You may schedule such visit by calling us at (302) 652-3331 or via this Online Reservation Form.

Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Surgery

The writings or blogs on the cosmetic surgery topics such as cosmetic breast lift are posted with the most recent ones on top. The earlier ones are lower or posted first. For those really interested in cosmetic breast lift please scroll to the bottom and read all the posts.

Breast lift or breast reduction incisions are of major concern, The incisions turn into the scars as they heal. Understanding these incisions or scars is extremely important. In contrast, if a woman overall likes her breasts, but the shape is just not quite right, the decision to have surgery may be more difficult. Maybe from aging or children, she has some “maturity” to her breasts, then the decision to have surgery is much more difficult. In this scenario, the patient is having less shape improvement and yet is still having incisions or scars placed on the breasts. Some patients or husbands might find the overall results worse than before surgery, because now she has “scars.” This is the “Real-Reality” of the cosmetic breast lift. Incisions are necessary. Shape is improved at the expense of incisions. Most women are very happy with the lifting or reduction operations. A realistic understanding of the risks of the incisions is the central and most critical aspect of this type of cosmetic breast surgery.

Treatment is available for the unfortunate case with poor scaring. Understand once again that most women do not go down this road. Most women’s incisions fade very well. However, for the person who is unlucky, there are significant treatment options for poor scars such as lasers, steroid injections and silastic gel sheeting. They are other options as well. They do work. It requires a series of treatments, however, and fading of poor scars takes time. They never go completely away. They are permanent. Even cosmetic surgery incisions can sometimes need revision, which means cutting out the scar and starting over. This occasionally can be necessary and can make significant improvement.

An interesting fact about breast lift or breast reduction is that many women think the operation is going to be horribly painful, because the breast is a sexual organ. They are concerned about excruciating or intense pain. This is not the case at all. Women might think it is going to be bad, because the surgery is on the breast, and naturally tender. However, surgery of this type, classically is easier than most. There is no muscle work like breast augmentation or breast enlargement, and this makes a major difference. Many patients of mine take Tylenol only for discomfort. Many patients require pain pills for several days to ease the pain they do have. However, most are surprised at how easy the recovery is. They are often surprised at how little pain they actually experience during breast lift recovery.

Breast lift recovery or postoperative care for my patients involves a one-time bandage and wrap. This is removed, approximately 72 hours after the cosmetic surgery, and the patient then showers. At this time, after the shower, they wear a sports bra. The sports bra is worn for approximately 1 month. There are typically no stitches to be removed. They are all absorbable sutures. The instructions after this operation, typically, are to take it easy and shower in three days. Don’t overdo it and avoid heavy lifting. In my opinion, the “Real-Reality” of the cosmetic operation for breast lift is an easy recovery. Many women can go back to work in a week or two.

In contrast to breast lift, breast lift and breast augmentation or breast lift and breast enlargement have a very different recovery because of the muscle work. This is a different operation, and it is important to understand breast augmentation, in addition, to breast lift for people interested. Please see the photos for breast lift and augmentation for patients interested in this operation by linking here.

For people interested in breast lift, breast lift cost, breast lift recovery, or breast augmentation and breast lift– please schedule a complimentary consultation by calling the office. Please also see the breast lift photos in the gallery by linking here.

Wilmington Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

A breast lift and a breast reduction are similar operations done to improve the appearance and shape of the breast.  In contrast to a breast enlargement, a breast reduction involves making a breast smaller, not larger.  Breast lifting is done typically to reshape the breast and lift the nipple, with little or minimal decrease in breast volume or size.  The operation for a breast lift or reduction is actually very similar, and the concepts apply to both operations.  Breast lifting mainly reshapes and enhances the shape of the breasts, with a necessary removal of loose skin.  Very little to no breast tissue removal can be done.  Small decreases in size are typically part of a breast lift for women who want to be lifted with no significant change in volume. A slight decrease in size is a realistic expectation.

Breast reduction classically reduces the breast a cup size or more, if necessary. The amount of tissue or volume reduced can vary, and it is a decision for the patient and the surgeon to make together.  A discussion about the new size after surgery is typically done before your operation.

Many insurance companies may cover breast reduction surgery.  This is done because of pain and discomfort related to large breasts.  Heavy breasts or macromastia often cause symptoms such as pain in the back or neck. Shoulder grooving from bra straps, rashes and dermatitis beneath the breasts, and other symptoms are the complaints that typically lead to coverage from insurance companies for breast reduction surgery.  Understand clearly that insurance companies do not care about the appearance or cosmetic aspects of your breasts.  They are in the business of making money, not providing you with cosmetic surgery.  They often are resistant to covering any breast surgery at all.  However, if a woman’s breasts are truly large, as demonstrated with color photographic documentation, and if she’s having symptoms described above, often surgery can be covered.  The insurance company will typically require approximately 500 g, or about 1 pound of breast tissue per side to be removed.  This does vary depending on a woman’s weight.  The insurance company may require even more breast tissue removed if the woman is over weight. Remember one pound of breast tissue is a lot of breast volume.  Many women mistakenly think their breast weighs 5 pounds or greater.  Breasts are actually much lighter.  Women who are a C cup and have 1 pound of breast tissue removed may very well have a much smaller breast size than they want.  Breast lifts are typically, never covered by insurance companies, except in the case of cancer. The purpose of the operation is for cosmetic improvement of the breast, not improvement of symptoms. Your doctor will help you with the decisions about health insurance coverage and whether you meet the criteria.  Most women should be very large, at least a D cup or DD cup or greater, to be a candidate for reduction.  Otherwise, lifting is the more appropriate operation. Breast lift recovery and breast reduction recovery is surprisingly easy. This is discussed in detail during consultations.

Dr. Saunders is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing exclusively cosmetic surgery. Media plastic surgery, West Chester plastic surgery and Delaware plastic surgery patients are extremely close to his state licensed plastic surgery surgi-center. Please check out the center on our web page.

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