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Recovery from Breast Enlargement or Breast Augmentation: Dover, Delaware

This educational writing reviews normal recovery, timeline, and tips to heal well after breast augmentation or enlargement. Recovering from breast surgery can actually be easy! It is important to have realistic expectations about your surgery and your recovery. This means understanding  what to expect after your operation. A patient from Dover, Delaware who had recent breast implants by me asked for this writing. Please also see my educational writing on understanding breast implant results- “A Bigger You.

I try to give patients a thorough and complete description of what to expect after their augmentation surgery. I review the entire process, and this begins with the day of surgery. Surgery for breast implants takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Pre-operative instructions covering showering, not eating or drinking after midnight, and other important rules should be read before the day of surgery. Please read them more than once.

The Day of Surgery:

Patients are asked to show up an hour before surgery at the surgery center. The surgery center is an extremely clean and state licensed center with all of the latest safety features. During the first hour you will meet your nurse and anesthesia provider. You will also have a chance to review important questions and issues with me before the operation begins.

After about an hour, you will be taken to the dressing room to get changed into a gown. Breast implant patients can leave their underwear and pants on. This provides comfort and warmth, as completely undressing for breast enlargement is unnecessary. After the dressing room, you will go to the operating room. At this time an IV is placed. I will also take confidential pictures and make surgical marks for the operation. You will then gently drift off to sleep for surgery. This is painless and easy.

“Surgery is an art!”

I won’t rush your operation – nor another patient. Please be patient. Surgery for breast implants takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Most patients show up early for surgery. So it is important for the patient and family to understand there might be waiting on the day of surgery. Please be patient during your stay on the day of surgery. Most woman should plan on about half the day at the surgery center. Please realize there is variability in the schedule. This means it might be later than you think! Plan appropriately with babysitters, rides, and other accommodations at home, so no one gets disappointed.

The First 3 Days After Surgery:

The first three days after surgery are some of the most important days. The main goal during this period is to be comfortable and to take it easy. I use a post-operative “Pain-Buster” to help with a woman’s discomfort after her breast implants. This is a device that delivers lidocaine under the muscle to dramatically reduce post-operative pain. It lasts three days, which usually is long enough to get over the worst pain period shortly after surgery. The lidocaine is a non-narcotic, so it is extremely safe and doesn’t cause nausea and vomiting.

Physical activity is to be minimized during this period. Most woman rest at home and mainly are relaxing or watching TV. I believe it helps a woman to heal well by taking it easy and allowing bruising and swelling to diminish. Showering is allowed after 72 hours. The woman is then instructed to wear a sports bra. Avoid underwires or sports bras with built in cups.

Days 4-7 After Surgery:

During this period you can gradually return to most normal activities. This includes driving when you are comfortable to drive defensively and to be responsible for your own actions driving. You can also resume most cooking, cleaning, and household responsibilities.

Days  7-14 After Surgery:

Now activity can be increased even further. Stationary bicycles and tread mills are allowed. No running yet, however. Ellipticals are ok as well,  but don’t use the arms.

Upper body exercises and more strenuous activity should be delayed.

At this time, the breast massage exercises should be emphasized and performed properly. Please see my video on my web page that outlines and demonstrates clearly these activities.

Days 15- 28 After Surgery:

Essentially the same as day 7-14 but with increasingly hard workouts. Be wise. Don’t push to hard yet. Remember there is a lot of internal healing going on. Slow and steady wins the race. Woman who are aggressive in workouts should be cautious and wise not to overdo it too soon and cause injury.

After One Month:

All activities are allowed. I recommend really supporting the breasts during upper body activities such as weights. Even using two bras for hard workouts is recommended. This might minimize the muscle excessively pushing on the implants and might prevent pocket stretching.

All bras are allowed.

Continue with massage exercises.

Discuss scar treatments to help with fading of the scar.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery.  Please come in for a complimentary consultation. Details of your cosmetic procedure and your surgical plan will be discussed completely. I hope this writing helped with breast augmentation and recovery timeline and tips.

Breast Implants and Breast Shape – Differences Lying Down Versus Standing Up: Media, Delaware Valley PA

This educational writing reviews how breast augmentation can lead to differences in breast shape when a woman is standing up versus lying down. By understanding how the shape may vary, it gives us a better understanding of the results of breast enhancement. The change in breast implants with position does not always imply that something is wrong. Most of the time this is normal. Unattractive shapes can sometimes require surgery. Patients from Media and Delaware Valley PA prompted this educational writing.

1 – What do we want from implants or what is the goal of breast surgery?

Honestly, we want our breasts to be perfect! We want them to look great in the standing position and to be natural. This means the breast implant sits in the correct location on the chest. Also, the nipple is naturally located on the breast mound. Finally, the implant is not visible with rippling or edges.

We want this shape in the standing position, but we want the breasts to stay this way in the lying down position. Interestingly, this is not what natural breasts do without implants. Natural breasts tend to flatten out and drop to the side when lying down. This is “not” want we want after augmentation surgery. We want them to be perky and full in both positions. We want our breasts to be full and natural standing; and when we lie down, we want them to stay that way and not flatten like real breasts.

2 – What is the normal result from the breast surgery when lying down?

Most patients will be very happy with the result of their breast enhancement. They will be happy with the shape of the breast in both positions. The breasts will be perky standing, and they also retain a natural look lying down. The implants should stay in the center of the chest and not flop to the side or move up. The breast should retain a lot of its fullness and not flatten too much when lying down.

3 – Do medical studies help study these breast shapes?

An extremely good medical study was done to study the appearance of the breast and implants in different positions. These positions included standing and lying down. The implants were round versus tear dropped or anatomic implants. The study involved placing metal beads at the edges of the implant. These little pieces of metal could be seen on X-rays. This allowed us to see what the implant looked like inside when the woman moved into different positions.

The results showed that when the woman was standing up the cosmetic appearance between round implants versus anatomical or tear dropped implants was exactly the same. The interesting finding, however, was when the woman was lying down. In this position, the shape was better and more natural for round implants. Also, the shape was more abnormal for anatomical ones.

Of interest too, the tear dropped implants had double the rate of rippling and palpability as compared to round implants. This was believed to be due to the textured surface of the implant. Anatomical breast implants need textured surfaces to stop rotation or spinning of the implant. The textured surface led to a doubling of rippling and feeling of the edge of the implants.

The study concluded that round breast implants gave the most attractive breast shape with lower rates of complications. Both implants gave natural results when standing. When lying down, anatomic or tear-dropped implants gave unnatural results.

4 – What can go wrong?

When breast shape is not correct, surgery can be necessary. This includes suturing the pocket to reposition the implants. This can be called a capsulorrhaphy. The results can make dramatic improvements in the shape of the implants. Success is not perfect however. Re-operations can be necessary, and a patient must understand this can happen.

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I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Details of your cosmetic procedure and your surgical plan will be discussed completely.

Achieving Satisfaction on Breast Enlargement Surgery in Delaware

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently released the latest industry data revealing that breast augmentation procedure remains the number one surgery performed in the U.S. in 2012. The necessary implication is that breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a very popular cosmetic procedure, but it doesn’t follow that all those who opted for enlargement surgery were satisfied with the results. Hence, if you’re thinking of undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, make sure to go through it the right way to achieve your breast desires. Consequently, you can do it by educating yourself essential info about the procedure.

Known colloquially as “boob job”, Breast Enlargement Surgery is not merely about increasing your breast size. With the right surgeon, the ultimate goal is to make your breasts fuller, perkier and more rejuvenated. That is, to make your breasts appear bigger and attractive with respect to your particular body contour. Speaking of surgeon, you really should choose a plastic surgeon (preferably Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) who has vast experience and passion in performing breast procedures. Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders is that kind of cosmetic doctor and more.

During consultation stage, the Board Certified Surgeon spends substantial time with you to determine your specific goals and exact breast size. For Dr. Saunders, getting your desired breast size is indeed crucial to avoid disappointments and complications. One of his surgical philosophies is to be detail-oriented in order to achieve the desired outcome the first time around – there shouldn’t be any revision as much as possible. Aside from utilizing advanced computer imaging, Dr. Saunders has devised exercises (collectively calling them “Breast Homework”) to challenge patients to ascertain their desired size on their own.

While he has personal preferences, Dr. Saunders will let you decide on the specifics of the augmentation procedure, including the implant material and anesthetics to be used for surgery. He will, however, explain to you the pros and cons of every aspect of the procedure, especially those that you have some reservations on. On your end, he will expect that you shall be forthright in sharing your desires and concerns with respect to the surgery. After all, Dr. Saunders expect only your full satisfaction when you come to Delaware to undergo the enlargement procedure.

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Understanding Differences In Shape or Result of Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift: Part Two

Media, Delaware Valley, PA
Part Two – The Concept of Soft Tissue Coverage

As covered in Part One, breast lift operations give a certain shape and appearance that is different from breast augmentation or breast enlargement. This different result is extremely important to understand. During consultations, I spend the time to teach and explain these differences to my patients. People from Delaware Valley or Media, Pennsylvania  and Newark or Wilmington, Delaware and surrounding states come in to learn the facts about these operations. Education about these cosmetic operations will help a woman understand and be more satisfied with her procedure. Please also see my educational writing “Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement: What is Settling?”

One can think of the changes with breast lift or mastopexy and the changes with augmentation as being on a gradual curve or slope. It is like a mathematical line that is gradually increasing as you go from the left side to the right side. It can be thought of as being a spectrum with breast lift results on one side and breast augmentation results on the other side.

The results of a lift are on the most left hand side or the beginning of the curve or line. Small breast implants will give a result that is slightly to the right. This is further up the line. Medium implants put you still further up the line. Bigger implants push you further to the right. Finally, huge breast implants push you to the far right on the curve or line.

What is changing? The result of the operation changes. The shape of the breast changes. The “look” changes. Simply put- a breast lift gives the breast a more perky and natural shape, but breast implants give extra roundness and fullness on the top aspects of the breast. When you understand this difference, you will understand breast implants versus breast lift.

A mastopexy or breast lift makes the breast perkier, lifted, and more attractive in shape and appearance. However, there will be less volume in the upper aspect of the breasts. As we start adding a breast implant, it will add volume to the breast and give more of an “implanted look.” This is not necessarily fake! As a matter of fact, most people do not think small breast implants are fake looking. Small implants can be extremely attractive and natural. Small sizes are available to give a half cup or other small and natural breast augmentation results. Small and natural appearances can be achieved with implants.

As the implants get bigger, the shape and appearance becomes more round and full up top. The appearance now might be the classic augmented breast that many women like. It still is not necessarily fake. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether a breast looks fake or not is partially dependent on the woman. As the implants get even bigger, the shape gets even more round and full. Becoming “fake” definitely increases as the implants get extra big. This appearance tends to be really round and extra full. Please see my video on choosing implant size.

Why does the shape of the breast change with different operations? Why does the shape of the breast change with different size breast implants? The answer is the concept of “soft tissue coverage.” This is the tissue that hides or camouflages the breast implant. Soft tissue is the breast and the muscle that covers the implant. It’s soft and not the hard tissue like bone and ribs. The soft tissue covers the implant and makes seeing the roundness and the edges of the implant more difficult.

Understanding soft tissue coverage is very important. Small implants will be hidden well by the soft tissues, and the result will be more natural. Small implants will be hidden well, so it’s less round and full up in the top of the breast. Large implants will be hidden less well, and the shape of the breast will change. Bigger implants give a rounder and fuller shape or appearance. As the implants get bigger, the result is further to the right on the line or curve discussed above.

The amount of breast tissue you begin with plays an important role. The more tissue you have to start with means you have more soft tissue coverage. Flat chested women don’t have as much tissue to hide the implants. It will be harder to camouflage the implant because there is less to hide it. The flat breasted women might choose smaller implants if she is concerned about appearing too round or fake.

Placing the implants beneath the muscle provides extra soft tissue coverage and more natural results. This muscle coverage leads to softer and more attractive breast enlargement results. It also leads to lower complications.

Breast lift results are almost always more natural in shape, because there is no implant to hide. Results are extra natural with lifts. They might not be round enough or full enough compared to implant operations. If this rounder and fuller look is desired, than breast implants should be considered. If a patient gets a lift and after healing wishes the shape was bigger or fuller, she can always safely add implants at a later date. This is safe to do and is an option for the woman who isn’t sure about getting implant or not.

In summary, the shape of the breast changes from a lift to augmentation. Breast lift results are very natural. The operation makes the breast fuller and perkier. Small breast implants give more roundness and more fullness than a lift. This is seen in particular in the upper parts of the breast. Large implants give even more roundness and fullness. Fake results from implants come from extra large implants where you can really see the roundness of the implant. The concept of soft tissue coverage helps understand these changes.

People interested in breast augmentation or breast enlargement or other topics such as breast augmentation cost, breast augmentation recovery, or breast augmentation technique should please call the office for an appointment.

I am a  board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please check out the breast augmentation before and after photos on our web site. Also, please come in for a complimentary consultation to learn about your choices and options!

Understanding Natural Shape or Results with Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift

Media PA, Delaware Valley
Part One:

Breast augmentation, breast enlargement, or implants give different results, shape, or appearance than a breast lift operation. Patients seeking cosmetic improvement in their breasts need to understand these differences. The results are not the same. The outcomes are different. We don’t want to be disappointed by getting different shapes or results than desired. We don’t want to pick the wrong operation. People in Media or Delaware Valley PA or the surrounding areas and states can learn and understand these important facts. For those interested, please also see my educational writing on Breast Augmentation Results = “A Bigger You.”

I have patients who have come in to the office and they say, “I dont like the results of a breast lift or mastopexy. I’ve been all over the web, and I don’t like any doctors breast lift pictures. The result and shape are not what I want. They look flat and not round enough.” Yes, this can be true and is an opinion that can be valid. They might be looking at good breast lift results and just don’t like the shape. They might need a different operation or breast implants instead. It doesn’t mean that a woman won’t be happy with a lift, but she does need to understand the different shapes and results achieved by the two operations. She needs to understand breast augmentation vs. lift.

Americans are used to seeing women in the movies and magazines, such as Playboy. People have come to view these women as having normal or natural breasts. But Mother Nature doesn’t make breasts like this. Normal breasts don’t look like this. These women almost always have implants. In the movies and Playboy, even the smaller breast shapes tend to be women with breast implants – just smaller ones! It is not a normal shape but a breast implant shape. Learning what natural breast augmentation results look like is important.

Breast implants don’t just make the size bigger. It’s more than just a bigger size. Breast implants tend to be rounder and more full in the entire breast, but especially above the nipple in the upper aspects of the breast. The result is rounder, bigger, and perkier too.

With smaller breasts, the appearance can be deflated and droopy. The breast might not actual droop. It just might be partially empty and small, giving it this appearance and shape. Breast implants can give fill the breast up and enhance it’s appearance, giving it a lifted look.

Breast augmentation involves placing breast implants beneath the Pectoralis muscle and breast tissue to enlarge the breast. The shape or result achieved is determined by the size of the implants and the nature of the tissue on top of it.
I have made a video that reviews different breast enlargement results with different breast implant sizes.

What about a breast lift? Breast lift or mastopexy surgery reshapes the breast and elevates the nipple. The operation gives a more natural, perky, attractive, and full appearance to the breast. But, it doesn’t give that extra round or full shape that implants do. Breast lifts tend to give a shape that is more natural or normal, like Mother Nature makes. The breasts are more straight or flat up top in the upper parts of the breast. They become more perky and full than before surgery, but just not the same fullness as with implants.

Breast lift surgery elevates the breast and gets hanging tissue beneath the crease of the breast a lift. It gives the breast a wonderful and improved shape and appearance. This shape is more full and attractive. Most woman are very happy and pleased with the result of their lift. However, it’s not as round or as full as with implants. This is an important distinction between breast implants versus breast lift.

Once a woman understands the differences between the operations, she should work with her doctor to decide the best operation for her. Sometimes this means doing implants and not a lift. This might be the case if more roundness and fullness is wanted. Sometimes this will mean doing a breast augmentation and breast lift, if hanging and small volume are both present.

I work closely with my patients to help them understand the operations and results. By thorough discussion and examination, I can help the woman learn about the procedures. This allows her to be more comfortable and happy with her final decision.

People interested in breast augmentation or breast enlargement or other topics such as breast augmentation cost, breast augmentation recovery, or breast augmentation technique should please call the office for an appointment.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please come in for a complimentary consultation to learn about your choices and options!