Venus’ Stimulation Stamp

Venus’ Stimulation Stamp

Venus’ Stimulation Stamp is a fantastic advanced technique to rejuvenate the face and neck with a modern device that precisely delivers essential medicines to the best skin locations. The devise or instrument is also called a dermal stamp or a stamp pen. The stamp has extremely tiny needles that is preloaded with rejuvenating materials. This leads to the placement of the ingredients into the exact skin depth to maximize rejuvenation and collagen stimulation.

Venus was the the Roman goddess of beauty. She embodies beauty, love, and fertility. Venus’ Stimulating Stamp combines benefits from multiple rejuvenating techniques. The micro infusion stamping includes a combination of platelet rich plasma (PRP), Botox or Dysport, and other rejuvenating supplements and nutrients.

Venus’ Stimulation Stamp

What is it, and how is it done?

Venus’ Stimulation Stamp is a method of microneedling that delivers essential rejuvenating medications and supplements to the skin at the same time as performing the microneedling. Microneedling is well known to lead to collagen stimulation, skin rejuvenation, and younger looking skin. The addition of the additives leads to even better and longer lasting benefit’s. One of the best stimulants is PRP or platelet rich plasma. PRP can lead to the stimulation of the body‘s natural healing process. This activation or stimulation is called induction. It leads to growth of collagen and elastin and other building blocks of tight and youthful skin.

A microneedle is an extremely tiny needle. It is also extremely sharp which might sound scary, but it is the small size and sharpness which allows for minimal pain, bruising, and injury. It most importantly allows for the precise delivery of medication and growth factors to the level desired. The needle length can be adjusted to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin or to the more superficial layer depending on the location and the results desired.

The microneedles are so tiny that it is typically more comfortable than other injection techniques, leading to less bruising and down time. Other methods used are derma rollers or derma pens. Our Venus’ Stimulation Stamp is believed to be the best method. Microinfusion skin stamping allows for the delivery of 2 to 3 essential rejuvenating materials at the same time and directly where desired.

The actual treatment is relatively easy. It can be described as being very similar to microneedling. The skin will be pink when you leave. There is minimal bleeding, but you can expect small amounts of pinpoint blood. A healing ointment or cream is applied before you leave. Detailed instructions are given to you before you leave. Exercise and showering can be resumed the next day.

Venus’ Stimulation Stamp


  • Improves fine wrinkles
  • Decreases weathered skin
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Tightens skin
  • Simulates skin growth, collagen, and elastin formation
  • Improves skin health, tone, and texture
  • Improves scars, depressions, and skin irregularities
  • Reduce pores
  • Enhances skin glow
  • Improvement of pigmentation problems
  • Improvement of cellulite and stretch marks

What are the rejuvenating ingredients added?

1- Hyaluronic acid
This is an essential ingredient of healthy skin. This is the main medicine in most fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. As part of the skin stamp it helps fill wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

2- Platelet Rich Plasm (PRP)
PRP is one of the hottest and latest rejuvenating additives. This is taken from your own bloodstream and processed with centrifuge to accumulate platelets, growth factors and other natural stimulants. It promotes natural rejuvenation, collagen and elastin growth, and healthier and glowing skin.

3- Biotin
Biotin is also known as Vitamin H. As an essential one of the bodies B vitamin complex, it promotes skin health and essential metabolism of the skin. It supports critical fatty acid metabolism in the skin that nourishes the skin’s health and rejuvenation.

4- Vitamin C
Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a nutrient that is needed for the skin, blood vessels, muscles, and collagen turnover. It is essential for healing and rejuvenation. It also helps with free radicals, sun damage, and other things that can injure your tissues and skin.

Venus’ Stimulation Stamp


The results can take up to a month to be completely noticed. They typically can last between 3 to 6 months. Repeating the process more than once will give you more definitive and long lasting results. As with many cosmetic treatments, the best results are achieved when a series of treatments are done. This leads to a cumulative and more impressive result. A single treatment can be done, however, for those who want just one treatment.

Some patients might also benefit from our Ageless Angel Peel. This treatment also uses PRP and a delivery system to precisely deliver the stimulating nutrients. If you are interested in this peel you can link there now.


Venus’ Stimulation Stamp is a microneedling system that allows for customizable treatments to help with younger, healthier, and more beautiful skin. The technique is actually easy and has a remarkably quick recovery. Bruising and healing are typically very minimal. Most patients resume normal activities the next day. The benefits can be seen the next day, but the best results can take a month to be seen.

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