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Readers’ Choice Best Physician 2015
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Chris Saunders has been awarded the Readers’ Choice Best Physician 2015. We would like to thank you for your votes and support.


Kate on cover of US Magazine after her “Mommy Makeover”


She looks great; however, take a closer look at her incision. It’s too high! And visible! Dr. Saunders specializes in trying to get the best location for the incisions after body sculpting procedures and tummy tucks. Keeping the incision hidden in the underwear and bikini lines is critical. Otherwise it will show.

Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is a procedure designed to contour and sculpt the abdomen giving it a smaller and thinner appearance. This surgery can remove the ‘spare tire’ from around the waist, stretch marks, loose skin and lower abdominal scars.

There are three key aspects to the tummy tuck: skin & fat removal, muscle tightening ad lipo-sculpting. Dr. Saunders does extra muscle tightening. Calling it the “California corset” technique. Dr. Saunders says the result is a tighter, flatter stomach. This technique works well for weak muscles after childbirth, abdominal surgery or rectus diastasis.

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USA Today Article about Plastic Surgery


A recent USA Today feature article covered how some people are having cosmetic surgery in scary clinics with questionable safety and skill. There are doctors practicing cosmetic surgery who do not have Dr. Saunders’ level of skill and training. Some of these doctors can actually hurt patients. The facilities can be advertised and made to sound great when in reality they are “Wal-Mart” clinics providing cheap and low quality care. In Dr Saunders’ opinion “Life Style Facelift” is a classic example of this type of cheap clinic.

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Recent Awards


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders has received an award in Cosmetic Surgery from For Doctors By Doctors for the year 2011.

Dr. Saunders in Star Magazine

Recent national magazine interview. Dr Saunders is quoted on cosmetic surgery and movie star.


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