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Rhinoplasty Delaware : Rhinoplasty Pennsylvania

Rhinoplasty or “nose job” is a cosmetic surgery operation that changes the appearance, shape, and/or size of the nose, improving facial harmony and balance. For patients in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or surrounding states please see the rhinoplasty before and after pictures to see the great results that can be achieved. It may very well be the most important operation to improve facial appearance in women who have a big or large nose. The transformation after surgery in a woman with a large nose can be amazing. But it is not just the woman with a very large nose that can benefit from a rhinoplasty. Other women who want to get rid of a small hump on the nose or just make the tip smaller or more defined can benefit. The operation can be tailored for a particular person’s anatomy or wishes. A nose job can substantially enhance facial harmony, balance, and shape. Nose jobs can lead to wonderful changes in a woman’s appearance.

Computer imaging can help people see what the surgery can achieve for them. It involves taking a digital picture and then morphing the image or nose to a new shape and size. The program can give honest and true representations of what the person can look like after rhinoplasty recovery. For a woman concerned about potential changes, it can help them see what their “new” nose will look like. Computer imaging is only a problem when it is misused by the surgeon or the person using the computer program. If the computer imaging is used to sell an operation or promote the nose job, this can be misleading and unfair. The “Real-Reality” of rhinoplasty surgery is that it is not as simple as using the computer program and morphing the nose. The “Real-Reality” is that results from the operation can vary from what the computer shows the patient. Realistic results can vary. This is an important concept. The computer imaging is a tool to help us see what surgery might do for a patient. If it is used in this way, it can be very beneficial. If it is misused, it can be misleading.

If a patient has a small chin, rhinoplasty can be combined with a chin enlargement. The operations are very complementary and can be done safely at the same time. Together, the operations can dramatically enhance facial shape and appearance. Since the ancient Greeks, facial aesthetics and beauty have been studied. Special guidelines, or cannons, have been known that define what might be considered pretty or beautiful. For example, a perpendicular line dropped from the nasion or junction of the nose and forehead, should come close to the tip of the chin. If the chin is too small, it will not reach this perpendicular line. A chin enlargement can help with this problem, and enhance the appearance of the patient. Computer imaging can tremendously help visualize what these changes might look like.

Rhinoplasty recovery typically involves minimal pain despite the fear of “breaking of bones”. Most patients require few pain pills after a rhinoplasty. Significant bruising and swelling does occur in the area around the nose and in particular the eyes. The resolution of bruising and swelling typically takes between one and two weeks after surgery. After one week, most bruising can be covered with makeup; but bruises often can still be seen at this time. It typically takes up to two weeks before bruising and swelling is completely resolved and cannot be visualized. However, like any cosmetic operation on the face, friends or other people might notice a difference or see bruising during the healing process.

Most patients are very happy with the cosmetic improvement after nose jobs. A small percentage of patients however will want additional changes such as a further reduction in the size of the nose. Although this is not too common, a patient typically must wait approximately 1 year before reoperation can be done. Also changes can occur with time where the cartilage in the nose warps or changes shape. This is caused by internal elasticity of the cartilage and can require the need for reoperation in the future. Fortunately, most patients do not have this problem. Finally, some patients will actually have worsening of breathing or the development of a crooked nose after surgery. Like all cosmetic operations, a rhinoplasty has specific risks. Overall these risks are low. The majority of patients have significant enhancement in the shape and appearance of their nose. Satisfaction is usually very high.


Benefits: — Cosmetic operation that can significantly improve shape, size, and appearance of the nose. It often gives improved facial harmony and balance. Dramatic results can occur if the nose is very large. The results can be excellent in these situations.
Options: –Computer imaging can be used to help a patient with the operation. The computer and imaging can help distinguish between small, medium or large changes that can be achieved.
Aesthetic Risks: — #1- Not getting the nose that you want. #2- Changes in the nose can occur with time. Sometimes these changes can require reoperation. #3- There is a low risk of worsening of breathing or the development of a crooked nose.
Recovery: — The pain is typically minimal even with nasal fracturing. Bruising and swelling usually last between one and two weeks.
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