Points to Note: For a Chin Augmentation Surgery Ideal Candidate

Chin augmentation procedure is typically performed as complementary to nose surgery (rhinoplasty). When a rhinoplasty is undertaken, chin augmentation is often suggested to provide harmony to facial appearance or at least to balance out the facial features. But these days, chin augmentation (aka mentoplasty) is performed more and more as a standalone procedure than in combination with other surgeries. At any rate, you should seek the guidance and counsel of a capable plastic surgeon when you are thinking of augmenting your chin.

Chin Augmentation Surgery is generally performed using implants to alter the chin’s shape by increasing its projection and/or width. The ultimate goal is normally to either improve the balance of your facial profile or correct a “weak” chin, or both. In order to achieve the desired effect, an implant made either of porous biocompatible material or solid silicone is utilized. Moreover, aside from achieving a stronger and wider chin, you may also opt for chin implant to lengthen your face if that is your concern.

With full training and experience, Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders performs chin implant procedures with the masterstroke of a skilled doctor to match with his well-developed aesthetic prowess. He utilizes the latest and yet safe gadgetry to strike out the delicate balance of your chin with the rest of facial features. He also works closely with an anesthetic specialist to make the whole operation comfortable and painless for you.

But before any chin surgery is undertaken, the Board Certified Surgeon will examine you closely if you are ideal candidate for the procedure. For one, you must be in good health and have a normally functioning immune system. You must not be a chronic smoker or you should be willing to quit smoking weeks before surgery. You should also have clear and reasonable expectations with the surgery result. Furthermore, you will be reminded by Dr. Saunders that there are other temporary options like tissue fillers, especially if you are not yet convinced with the permanent effect of a chin surgery.

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