Knowing All Aspects of Thigh Lift Surgery for Better Recovery

After five days to one week from thighplasty operation, you may be able to work again. This means that you can already walk and move around very well, as tenderness rapidly resolves. In two to three weeks you may start with mild exercise routine, and in six to eight weeks post-surgery you may be able to return to full exercises. Barring any major complications, this is how a typical recovery timeline for thighplasty or thigh lift procedure sounds like.

Due to efficiency seen in plastic surgery procedures nowadays, it is advisable for patients to widen their knowledge and preparations to other aspects of their planned surgery, such as the specific techniques and incisions to be undertaken, surgical risks, and recovery period involved.

A thigh lift surgery is primarily intended to improve the thigh area by removing excess skin and fat and enhancing overall laxity of the affected thighs. But you should not focused solely on the intended benefits of thighplasty, rather you should be mindful indeed of the potential risks and recovery steps. You should have a good grasp on what to do with your diet, exercise, and lifestyle (especially if adjustments are necessary) as you go along the path to recovery. More importantly, you should be ready for all possibilities – physically and mentally.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders is one of the most sought after in performing thigh lift procedures. His track record bears his signature: precise surgical skills. Probably more than any surgeon in Delaware or anywhere in the world for that matter, Dr. Saunders deals with patients in a straightforward and candid manner – he will elaborately explain to you all the pros and cons of thigh lift. Case in point: he published an insightful and educational book known as “A Woman’s Guide to the ‘Real-Reality’ of Cosmetic Surgery”.

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