Find Your Most Comfortable Less Invasive SkinCare Rejuvenation

The significant rise (6 %) in the total number of operations performed in a year for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures is an indication of the people’s growing preference for less invasive options. In the same data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) for year 2012, surgical procedures actually decreased (2 %) in total patronage.

When it comes to skin care rejuvenation, it is understandable if you prefer minimally invasive over the more invasive surgery options since the former choices offer, generally speaking, lesser risk and hassle. You don’t want to gamble too much especially if it involves your facial skin, would you?

Furthermore, less invasive skincare rejuvenation procedures usually involve less pain and scarring and reduced health care costs. You also won’t have to skip work and social gatherings for long, as the less invasive route translate to a much quicker recovery on your part.

Three Modalities

Known for its comprehensive skincare program, Dr. Christopher Saunders’ Delaware Med Spa offers various procedures and treatments intended mainly for facial skin rejuvenation. These multiple procedures and treatments are grouped together into so-called modalities.

The primary modalities are Chemical, Mechanical, and Laser treatments. Chemical modality includes facials and peels which are typically chemicals being applied to the face and take effect through the coagulative process. Mechanical modality utilizes gentle mechanical medium, such as derma-planing and micro dermabrasion. Lastly, the Laser modality helps with collagen generation and blood vessel ablation by targeting the deeper tissues of the skin through the use of a special light application.


Depending on each patient’s skin care condition and needs, a procedure belonging to any modality may be performed as a stand-alone operation. In other cases, a comprehensive skincare program may include some or all three modalities adjusted specifically to each patient’s rejuvenation goal. When combined to maximize skin rejuvenation, cosmetic procedures from varied modalities are designed to work synergistically. Upon consultation, share your true concerns and aesthetic desires to Dr. Saunders so that the latter can come up with the most suitable and comfortable rejuvenation plan for you.

Dr. Saunders performs cosmetic procedures at both of the two med spa offices at Wilmington, DE and the Chadds Ford, PA.  He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with proven expertise in facial skin rejuvenation procedures.

Be more informed about these minimally invasive treatments by scheduling now a consultation with Dr. Saunders. To do so, please contact us at (302) 652-3331 or through this Email Contact Form.