Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery for Men Delaware, Media, Philadelphia, West Chester PA Part Three: Male Liposuction

Men are interested in the benefits of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery in increasing numbers. Male patients can benefit from liposuction, liposculpturing, and other cosmetic operations. It is natural for men to want to look thinner, flatter, and younger. It is natural to want to turn the clock back and have a more fit, thin, and sculpted abdomen, chest, or love handles.

Cosmetic procedures can help men from Delaware, Media, Philadelphia, West Chester Pa and other geographic areas achieve these goals! Please see the before and after photos for male liposuction.

Sometimes a male patient can not achieve the sculpted abdomen or stomach area that he wants. Exercise alone doesn’t always give the results that we hope to achieve. Diet, exercise, and proper nutrition are always important but might not give the final desired appearance. Liposuction or liposculpting can help a person who wants further improvement. Male liposuction surgery or liposuction for men does not replace the importance of diet and exercise. However, the cosmetic procedures are an option for those who want more. The surgery can really give the person a look that was not achieved with working out alone. The plastic surgery can be a big help for many people, giving them the extra fit look.

I specialize in male cosmetic liposuction or liposuction for men. I use the latest techniques including tumescence and liposculpturing to give the best results. Liposculpting is the process of removing the fat with the smallest cannulas or instruments possible. It is believed this removes the fat in the best manner to get a result that is the smoothest and with the least risks.

What areas can be treated? 

Liposuction can be done to “suck out” and remove excess fat from the abdominal area or stomach. It is commonly done also to the flanks, or love handles. These two areas are some of the most frequently performed operations on men. The chest area is also frequently done. Gynecomastia is the development of “man boobs” or fat deposits in the chest. Treatment can help remove unwanted fat from this location too. 

What about technique?
As mentioned above, I believe the tumescent technique and liposculpturing give the best results. The goal is the smoothest removal of fat with the least risks of an unnatural shape or lumpy appearance. Another technique that I perform includes “etching” the abdominal area to try and achieve a more sculpted appearance to the stomach – like creating a six-pack look!
Liposuction results are improved with the tumescent technique, liposculpting, and the “etching” to achieve an enhanced result!  I have said that almost every man can benefit from liposuction of the stomach, flanks, and love handles: including myself!

What about recovery?
Liposuction recovery can be surprisingly easy for most male patients having cosmetic surgery. The liposuction recovery is usually just 2-4 days off work or just a long week-end. Most patients are surprised at how little pain is involved! Compression garments are worn after surgery to help with liposuction recovery and bruising. These can be hidden under most clothing.

What about risks?
All operations have risks. The risks overall are considered very low. It is important to understand realistic expectations. This means surgery can only do so much. Even with the best techniques, a person doesn’t want to expect more than what really can be achieved with the procedures.

I will work closely with you to determine you specific goals for your liposuction surgery and other cosmetic needs. During the consultation, I will review liposuction cost, recovery, technique, and other important aspects of the cosmetic operation.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. Please check out the liposuction before and after photos on our web site. Also, please come in for a complimentary consultation to learn about your choices and options!