Comprehensive Skincare Program at Delaware Med Spa

When one relates the natural process of ageing to facial skin, the correlation almost always entails skin drooping. It is true but it is only half of the whole story. Facial skin ageing involves both the drooping of skin tissues and the weathering of the facial skin. Both aesthetic concerns require Skin Resurfacing – or the treatment “to improve the texture, clarity and overall appearance of your skin”.

Surgery Vs. Med Spa

Facial tissue drooping — that develops into jowls, turkey necks, lower cheeks, and deeper wrinkles – is best remedied with a surgery procedure. Delaware Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Saunders performs safe and precise facial skin surgeries, such as Face Lift and Facial Rejuvenation.

On the other hand, not all facial skin concerns necessitate a surgical intervention. As you age, facial skin develops pigmentation, blood vessels, and loss of youthful texture, tone and firmness – in sum total, you are likely to appear older and more tired than your actual age. These facial skin changes are treatable at Dr. Saunders’ Med Spa. The array of Med Spa services offered includes botox (which works on facial wrinkles of the forehead and eyes) and fillers (which helps with rejuvenation of the folds around the mouth and the cheeks).

The comprehensiveness of Dr. Saunders’ skincare program is what mainly sets it out from the rest. It utilizes multiple modalities to achieve greater results, and such modalities work in synergy with each other to maximize skincare rejuvenation. The different modalities usually include chemical, mechanical, and laser treatments. At the Delaware Med Spa, Dr. Saunders normally combines these modalities to produce superior results and upon considering a patient’s specific needs.

Moreover, compared with other so-called Med Spas, Dr. Saunders’ is “doctor supervised” in providing you with the highest quality care and services. In other words, you are assured of receiving the latest and best facial skin treatments at Med Spa Delaware.

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