Breast Revision Surgery: Get it Right and Realistic in Delaware

When performed by a bona fide plastic surgeon, there is high chance for a breast enhancement procedure to be successful and satisfying on the part of the patient. This holds true whether the surgery is for enlargement or lift purposes, or both. The science and technology behind surgeries have come a long way to make breast procedures more efficient and effective. But then again, not all surgery results are successful or satisfying. One or two things can happen during and after breast procedure, which are not necessarily the fault of surgeon.

Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders specializes in breast revision surgery or in breast corrective operations. Where another surgeon has failed, Dr. Saunders will try his best efforts to fix the errors and give the patient another chance to attain her desired outcome. But knowing where the patient is coming from (that is, from a “failed surgery”), he understands fully that working and communicating closely with the patient is the crucial first step to right the wrong. The Delaware Surgeon will highlight the patient’s breast issues and concerns, especially the previous unfulfilled desire for the breast shape.

Still, No Perfection Guaranteed

Aside from his surgical passion and commendable patient rapport, Dr. Saunders is widely known for being meticulous and skilled as a plastic surgeon. In most times therefore successful breast surgeries are achieved, but still perfection can never be guaranteed. This is also one of the important features that a patient can expect (and should understand) from the get-go in a surgical performance by Dr. Saunders: realistic expectations and realistic outcome.

In other words, while he will design a customized breast surgery plan for you, Dr. Saunders will be straightforward to each patient what result to expect from his surgical procedure.

Dr. Saunders has won numerous awards in cosmetic surgery and has published many articles in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

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