Breast Revision Surgery Delaware / Breast Redo Surgery Delaware

Part One

Breast Revision Surgery or Breast Redo Surgery are operations done to fix, improve, and enhance the results after cosmetic breast surgery has already been done. Dr. Saunders is a breast revision doctor and breast revisions and redo operations are one of his specialties. Patients will come not just from Delaware but many other states such as Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. These educational writings on this topic are divided into three parts. Part One is on general concepts. Part Two is on specifics of breast augmentation revision or breast redo augmentation. Part Three- A is on breast lift revision or mastopexy revision. Part Three-B is on breast augmentation and lift when both have been done.

Breast augmentation, breast lift, or both operations together are frequently performed operations for cosmetic purposes. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, these are some of the most popular cosmetic operations done almost every year. Most women end up with more attractive, full, and perky breasts. Success for most cosmetic breast operations is extremely high. However, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Breast revision surgery is also called breast redo surgery and this is sometimes necessary for improvement in the breasts.

Breast revision surgery is surgery that is done to improve or to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the breast after thing have not worked out after the first operation. Different things can go wrong from minor isssues easy to fix to more complicated problems that can require more than one operation to fix or repair. For example, breast augmentation surgery might lead to a size or shape that is not desired. The solution in this case might be something easy such as placing larger breast implants. Some women want larger shape and size to the breast after breast enlargement. Breast Implant exchange is a type of breast revision where the goal is larger and fuller breasts.

Sometimes problems after surgery can be much worse. Although extremely unlikely, people can end up with very unusual appearances and shapes. Problems with the muscle and/or pocket can lead to the need for complicated surgery and breast revision surgery.

Dr. Saunders believes that women in this unfortunate situation must understand two important points. First, it is not always possible to correct all issues. It is not always possible to make things “perfect.” Sometimes a women must accept that there are limitations to what can be done. This can be hard for some than others to accept.

Second, minor issues are sometimes best left alone. A breast or implant slightly “off” might not be worth the risks or expense of surgery to fix or improve. When to call it “quits” and accept what one has is another difficult thing for some women.

An expert panel of some of the best breast revision surgery doctors came to the conclusion that minor issues are best left alone. More surgery to make little changes can open a “can of worms” and might not be recommended. This is also called where “risk benefit ratio” does not warrant more surgery.

Breast revision surgery cost can be MORE than the original surgery. This can be a source of frustration to many patients. The operation can be “more” expensive because it is more difficult, long, and skilled. The breast revision doctor might have higher expenses and costs than the first doctor or operation. One can always choose to stay with the first surgeon. Because he was paid the first time and because most surgeons care about the patient, it might be less expensive to stay with that doctor and not switch doctors. However, maybe it is also worth the expense to switch to another doctor, in particular a breast revision doctor. This is true especially if you have lost confidence with your doctor.

Insurance almost never covers expenses for breast revision surgery. This can be frustrating to many people! Plastic surgeons wish it was but it almost never is covered.

Breast revision recovery is very dependent on whether the muscle work has been done or is needed. Please see Dr. Saunders writing on Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement: What about the muscle? If the muscle work has been done, than breast revision surgery and breast revision recovery can be surprisingly easy. If muscle work is needed than pain unfortunately can be more. Dr. Saunders uses a “Pain-Buster” that is a fantastic device to help with recovery.

Finally, the most complicated revisions require multiple stages or more than one operation. This is another source of frustration to some. The idea is to take everything out and allow healing. The second stage can allow for a better result and sometimes decreases risks of scar tissue returning. Many times superior results can be achieved.

A classic example of this type of problem that may best be repaired with more than one operation or stage is recurrent capsular contracture. In this case, the “hardening of the implants” may be best treated with a first operation to remove the scar tissue. Dr. Saunders does a complete capsulectomy versus a partial capsulectomy because he believes this gives the best results. The second operation or stage is done after everything has healed. This operation involves replacement of the breast implants. Because the cause of capsular contracture may involve a sub-clinical infection, the staged approach allows the body to heal the possible “infection,” and hence may lead to decreased chance of recurrence.

Dr. Saunders is a board certified plastic surgeon who practices exclusively cosmetic surgery. He specializes in breast revision surgery, breast redo surgery, breast augmentation revision surgery, and breast redo augmentation. Please check out the breast revision surgery before and after photos on our web site. Also, please come in for a complimentary consultation to learn about your choices and options!