Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast lift or breast reduction incisions are of major concern, The incisions turn into the scars as they heal. Understanding these incisions or scars is extremely important. In contrast, if a woman overall likes her breasts, but the shape is just not quite right, the decision to have surgery may be more difficult. Maybe from aging or children, she has some “maturity” to her breasts, then the decision to have surgery is much more difficult. In this scenario, the patient is having less shape improvement and yet is still having incisions or scars placed on the breasts. Some patients or husbands might find the overall results worse than before surgery, because now she has “scars.” This is the “Real-Reality” of the cosmetic breast lift. Incisions are necessary. Shape is improved at the expense of incisions. Most women are very happy with the lifting or reduction operations. A realistic understanding of the risks of the incisions is the central and most critical aspect of this type of cosmetic breast surgery.

Treatment is available for the unfortunate case with poor scaring. Understand once again that most women do not go down this road. Most women’s incisions fade very well. However, for the person who is unlucky, there are significant treatment options for poor scars such as lasers, steroid injections and silastic gel sheeting. They are other options as well. They do work. It requires a series of treatments, however, and fading of poor scars takes time. They never go completely away. They are permanent. Even cosmetic surgery incisions can sometimes need revision, which means cutting out the scar and starting over. This occasionally can be necessary and can make significant improvement.

An interesting fact about breast lift or breast reduction is that many women think the operation is going to be horribly painful, because the breast is a sexual organ. They are concerned about excruciating or intense pain. This is not the case at all. Women might think it is going to be bad, because the surgery is on the breast, and naturally tender. However, surgery of this type, classically is easier than most. There is no muscle work like breast augmentation or breast enlargement, and this makes a major difference. Many patients of mine take Tylenol only for discomfort. Many patients require pain pills for several days to ease the pain they do have. However, most are surprised at how easy the recovery is. They are often surprised at how little pain they actually experience during breast lift recovery.

Breast lift recovery or postoperative care for my patients involves a one-time bandage and wrap. This is removed, approximately 72 hours after the cosmetic surgery, and the patient then showers. At this time, after the shower, they wear a sports bra. The sports bra is worn for approximately 1 month. There are typically no stitches to be removed. They are all absorbable sutures. The instructions after this operation, typically, are to take it easy and shower in three days. Don’t overdo it and avoid heavy lifting. In my opinion, the “Real-Reality” of the cosmetic operation for breast lift is an easy recovery. Many women can go back to work in a week or two.

In contrast to breast lift, breast lift and breast augmentation or breast lift and breast enlargement have a very different recovery because of the muscle work. This is a different operation, and it is important to understand breast augmentation, in addition, to breast lift for people interested. Please see the photos for breast lift and augmentation for patients interested in this operation by linking here.

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