Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Summary:

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Benefits: — The operations give significant improvement in the shape and appearance of the breast. Most women after cosmetic breast lift are extremely happy with their new breasts. This includes a higher nipple location, more perky breasts , and a lifted appearance. Breast reduction can also dramatically improve symptoms of back and neck pain.

Options: — There are choices where the incisions are placed on the breast. Your surgeon and your specific breast anatomy will probably determine which is best for you.
Three main incision patterns are used. The first is around the nipple called a circumareolar incision. The areola is the pigmented aspect of the nipple. The second major pattern is around the nipple and down to the crease beneath the breast, where the wire is in a bra. This is typically called a “lollipop” pattern. This is most frequently used pattern for cosmetic breast lift surgery. The third main pattern is around the nipple, down to the crease, and also underneath the breast. Sometimes this is called a “keyhole” or “anchor” pattern. This is the operation with the largest incisions. It is used for breasts that have a lot of hanging or are very large, like with breast reduction. Breast lift cost is not determined by the incisions.

Breast augmentation, breast enlargement or both operations, at the same, time can also be done. This is an option for those patients who want increased volume, in addition to shape change. The breast augmentation or breast enlargement gives the increased volume. The breast lift gives the elevation and shape change. People interested in cosmetic breast lift and breast augmentation or breast lift and breast enlargement should also understand cosmetic breast implant surgery in detail.

Aesthetic Risks: — Although the risk is rare, these operations can lead to poor scars, poor shape, or reoperation. Other risks can happen. A complete understanding of risks is essential for all patients. A consultation is great to help with this understanding.

Recovery: — Overall, cosmetic breast lift recovery or cosmetic breast reduction recovery is surprisingly easy. Many people get back to work in as little as a week. Longer periods of time are required before a woman can resume exercising. In contrast to breast lift, breast lift and breast augmentation or breast lift and breast enlargement have a very different recovery because of the muscle work. This is a different operation, and it is important to understand breast augmentation, in addition, to breast lift for people interested. Please see the photos for breast lift and augmentation for patients interested in this operation by linking here.

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