Brandywine Cosmetic Surgi-Center: Where Masterful Surgeries Happen

Doctor Christopher Saunders is not only a well-known cosmetic surgery expert in the country. Primarily due to his undeniable passion for surgery and genuine patient care, he is also known for having one of the cleanest and most well-maintained surgical facilities in Pennsylvania-Delaware area. This is in line with his sincere desire to give the best operation in the cleanest environment possible.

Known as the Brandywine Cosmetic Surgi-Center, it is a state-licensed deluxe cosmetic surgical center. Dr. Saunders performs his masterful surgeries almost exclusively in this facility. It is personally managed by Dr. Saunders and his well trained staff. The center definitely followed all guidelines and safety features from the moment it was designed and built. Furthermore, it has every safety feature of a hospital without exception! It is no surprise that many patients have remarked that the facility is akin to a small deluxe hospital: plus its comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

One of the salient features of the Cosmetic Surgi-Center is its being superbly clean from floor to the ceiling. During a single operative day, the facility may be cleaned by as much as seven separate times. For Dr. Saunders, this immaculate set-up is superior to many regular hospitals. Bacterial Infections from operations such as MRSA and VRE, which are very common in hospitals, are significantly reduced at Dr. Saunders’ facility.

As a consequence, the Delaware Surgeon has greater control of all other factors during performance of any surgery procedure. He is provided thus with more focus to concentrate on the success of each operation. Moreover, Dr. Saunders is being assisted by nurses, staff, and anesthetic specialists who are all handpicked by him and specially trained. In other words, his professional assistants are well-versed with intricacies of all the cosmetic procedures offered by Dr. Saunders.

The Brandywine Surgi-center is specifically located in Chadds Ford, PA – although it is conveniently located near Wilmington, DE, Newark DE, Philadelphia, PA, The Main Line, and other surrounding locations. Dr. Saunders is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and practices cosmetic surgery exclusively.

If you want to visit the Surgi-center and personally consult with Dr. Saunders, please contact us now thru telephone (302) 652-3331 or via this Online Reservation Form.