How you should NOT pick your breast implant size! Breast Augmentation : Breast Enlargement

This educational writing focuses on things a patient should try to avoid or NOT do when picking breast implant size. It was in response to questions from a patient in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I have educational writings on the best methods to pick implant size. I also have an excellent video that can be viewed under videos in the menu section. I call this homework, and it is an important concept. A woman should “do her homework” which means to put in effort and hard work to find her best implant size. But, there are certain things that some people do that are counter-productive to deciding on size and actually do not help. This writing will help you try and avoid this. Some of these things are natural and normal. However, if you avoid them, you probably will find the whole process easier, enjoyable, and more successful.

1- Don’t excessively worry or fret:

This is easy to say and not easy to do. Every person wants the best breast size that is perfect, and so do I. As your cosmetic and plastic surgeon, I want you to get the exact result you want and get the best size. However, excessive worrying or fretting is often counter-productive. It leads to high anxiety and often making the wrong decision. I always believe it’s hard to make the best decision or to think clearly if you are too anxious. Now this is not easy to do sometimes. Trust me as your doctor. I have done this cosmetic breast operation thousands of times, and I will help you. Try to do your homework, then review it with me. Next, make an informed and intelligent decision. Be comfortable with your decision, and then don’t second guess!

2- Don’t pick implants by how they look sitting on a desk or in your hand:

I want everyone to touch and feel the different implants from silicone to saline. However, when it comes to picking the size, it can sometimes be a problem. An example will illustrate this point.
A woman wants a larger breast size, maybe a full D cup or a natural D cup. She looks at 450 cc, 475 cc, and 500 cc silicone implants. She says, “These are too big!” So, she looks at smaller implants and picks a smaller size, maybe 350 cc, because it looks better. After she is healed she feels she is too small. She should have picked one of the original implants.
What was her mistake? She doesn’t know how she will look with the implant inside her breast. She made her decision based on how the implant looked when holding it in her hand. This is totally normal, however it often doesn’t work well. That is my job to help you with this choice. The patient should focus on what she wants to look like. It is my job to help show you what implant size in cc’s will actually get you that look. Most woman don’t know what they will look like with a given implant sitting on the table. The doctor helps you get the best result by reviewing your homework and conveying to you what will work best.

3- Try not to ask too many different friends as to what they think:

Imagine you are buying a car. If you ask ten different friends, they will all have different opinions and will probably try to get you to buy the car they bought. If they drive a Toyoto, they will recommend that car. “Too many cooks spoil the soup.” Yes, it is important and good to ask your closest friends. They might have valuable information that can help. Too many opinions will be more confusing, will not help, and will increase anxiety. Try and stick with your best friends and the doctor. This will be wisest.

4- Do not worry excessively over 25 cc or even 50 cc:

25 cc or even 50 cc are very small volumes that don’t make a big difference. A famous plastic surgeon once likened these small volumes to “spit in the wind.” Some patients get too frustrated in making a choice between 375 cc or 400 cc for example. There really is no significant difference in breast implants between these small volumes. The volume difference is just too small. This is true for saline and silicone implants. I describe it as follows. If a woman has a twin sister, and her twin picked 375 cc and she picks 400 cc – you couldn’t tell the difference in their breast size after breast enlargement. It’s too small a difference.

5- Computer imaging is mainly a sales tool:

I have a fantastic computer imaging program. For some operations, like rhinoplasty or facelift, it works fantastic. However, for breast augmentation, that is not the case. The program does show you how you will look with pretty and larger breasts. It just doesn’t work to determine which implant size is best for you. The main reason it doesn’t work is that is excludes variables that are important to this decision. Important variables. These variables include but are not limited to:

  1. your breast and thoracic measurements
  2. the proportions of your overall body, stomach, or abdominal areas
  3. the shape of your particular breast before surgery
  4. the nipple to infra-mammary crease distance and location and height
  5. the height and curve of the rib cage

These are just some of the factors that are not included. This cosmetic surgery is an art, and the computer tries to over-simplify the process.

6- Do not forget to ….. Trust your doctor:

I have done this operation thousands of times. My goal is that the patient gets the perfect size breast implants, and she loves her new shape and figure. This doesn’t mean I guarantee this. No doctor can do that. However, by working closely with you, I believe we can figure out just the right size for YOU. Do your homework. I will review how to do this at your consultation. Together we will determine the size. This way your breasts can be “not too small” and “not too large” but JUST RIGHT! Contact us today!