Mommy Makeover: Get your body back!

Chadds Ford, PA

A Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic surgery operation designed to enhance and beautify the breasts and stomach area. It is called a mommy makeover because pregnancy can cause changes to the breasts and stomach that are not desired or wanted. This plastic surgery procedure is designed to work on both areas during the same operation to give the woman a prettier and more attractive shape and figure. This educational writing was written for a patient from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania who was unhappy with her breasts and stomach stretch marks after having two babies. She was working out regularly, but she still wanted her “before babies” body back. This operation is also for woman with age related changes, weight loss and gain, and for overall cosmetic enhancement. It’s not just mothers who will benefit from this wonderful surgical procedure.

Having babies is one of the most special times in a woman’s life. However, pregnancy often involves significant weight gain and expansion or stretching of the breasts and abdominal area. This can lead to hanging of the breasts. The medical word for this is ptosis. The process of breast feeding leads to repetitive swelling and shrinking of the milk glands which can also worsen drooping. In addition, true loss of breast tissue called hypoplasia can lead to volume loss and shrinkage. The combination of these factors causes the changes that are bothersome to many mothers.

Pregnancy also can adversely effect the stomach. The uterus expands so much that the rectus abdominus muscles can be pulled apart. This is called a rectus diastasis. This separation or muscle weakness can often be permanent. For those interested in learning more about my extra tight muscle repair, which I call the “California Corset“. Exercise is always helpful, but this rectus muscle separation essentially is permanent. Also, pregnancy can cause loose skin, excess fat, and stretch marks. These changes are worsened with additional babies or pregnancies. The final result is often irreversible changes to the skin and muscles of the stomach area.

A mommy makeover is designed and targeted to improve simultaneously the changes to the breasts and to the abdomen. The procedure is done to fill, tighten, or lift the breasts. It simultaneously is done to the stomach to make it flatter, thinner, and more sculpted. The goal or the mommy makeover result can be a dramatic change to both areas. The procedure can put a woman back into a bikini, when she never thought this would be possible again. In my opinion, many woman can get results that they only dreamed about in the past.

The specifics of the operation varies from woman to woman depending on her anatomy and desires. This is important to understand. Some mothers might have less damage to their muscles or more hanging of their breasts. One person might just need breast augmentation or breast enlargement coupled with a little liposuction or liposculpture to the stomach. Another woman might have gained more weight with the pregnancy and ended up with more breast drooping and ptosis. She might have severe stretch marks and abdominal skin excess. She might have a mommy makeover that is a breast lift (mastopexy) and also a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). So it is extremely important to remember that one persons makeover might be different than another. This is where the consultation comes into play. I give thorough and extensive consultations. They are focused on concepts and important educational points. I will let you know what your options are to give you the ability to pick the best operation for you.

Most procedures do involve a tummy tuck. This is because pregnancy usually causes enough stetching to the skin and muscles that the tuck is required. The abdominoplasty removes the extra skin, tightens the abdominal muscles, and sculpts the surrounding area. The final result is often a flat and tight stomach. This is frequently a big part of the overall surgical plan. However, some woman are lucky and don’t lose much abdominal skin elasticity. They might just need a bit of liposuction to target excess and unwanted fat. In this fortunate situation the procedure would be easier and less expensive. Finally, sometimes a mini tummy tuck can be done to simplify the plan. This would remove smaller amounts of skin and fat. This might be the right choice when a C-section scar causes a ledge, lip, or roll in the lower stomach area.

Breast surgery can vary from a lift to breast implants. Sometimes both are necessary. If the woman has plenty of volume left in the breast, she might just need a lift. This is called a mastopexy. If loss of volume or small breasts are the problem, then breast implants will be the solution. Modern silicone, gel, cohesive, or gummy bear breast implants are frequently used. They can give wonderful results after cosmetic breast surgery.

A mommy makeover is a fantastic cosmetic operation that targets the stomach and breast areas. The operations can be done at the same time to give a more dramatic and attractive result. Please come in for a detailed consultation. I specialize in these procedures and will review your options and choices in detail.