Understanding Natural Shape or Results with Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift

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Breast augmentation, breast enlargement, or implants give different results, shape, or appearance than a breast lift operation. Patients seeking cosmetic improvement in their breasts need to understand these differences. The results are not the same. The outcomes are different. We don’t want to be disappointed by getting different shapes or results than desired. We don’t want to pick the wrong operation. People in Media or Delaware Valley PA or the surrounding areas and states can learn and understand these important facts. For those interested, please also see my educational writing on Breast Augmentation Results = “A Bigger You.”

I have patients who have come in to the office and they say, “I dont like the results of a breast lift or mastopexy. I’ve been all over the web, and I don’t like any doctors breast lift pictures. The result and shape are not what I want. They look flat and not round enough.” Yes, this can be true and is an opinion that can be valid. They might be looking at good breast lift results and just don’t like the shape. They might need a different operation or breast implants instead. It doesn’t mean that a woman won’t be happy with a lift, but she does need to understand the different shapes and results achieved by the two operations. She needs to understand breast augmentation vs. lift.

Americans are used to seeing women in the movies and magazines, such as Playboy. People have come to view these women as having normal or natural breasts. But Mother Nature doesn’t make breasts like this. Normal breasts don’t look like this. These women almost always have implants. In the movies and Playboy, even the smaller breast shapes tend to be women with breast implants – just smaller ones! It is not a normal shape but a breast implant shape. Learning what natural breast augmentation results look like is important.

Breast implants don’t just make the size bigger. It’s more than just a bigger size. Breast implants tend to be rounder and more full in the entire breast, but especially above the nipple in the upper aspects of the breast. The result is rounder, bigger, and perkier too.

With smaller breasts, the appearance can be deflated and droopy. The breast might not actual droop. It just might be partially empty and small, giving it this appearance and shape. Breast implants can give fill the breast up and enhance it’s appearance, giving it a lifted look.

Breast augmentation involves placing breast implants beneath the Pectoralis muscle and breast tissue to enlarge the breast. The shape or result achieved is determined by the size of the implants and the nature of the tissue on top of it.

I have made a video that reviews different breast enlargement results with different breast implant sizes.

What about a breast lift? Breast lift or mastopexy surgery reshapes the breast and elevates the nipple. The operation gives a more natural, perky, attractive, and full appearance to the breast. But, it doesn’t give that extra round or full shape that implants do. Breast lifts tend to give a shape that is more natural or normal, like Mother Nature makes. The breasts are more straight or flat up top in the upper parts of the breast. They become more perky and full than before surgery, but just not the same fullness as with implants.

Breast lift surgery elevates the breast and gets hanging tissue beneath the crease of the breast a lift. It gives the breast a wonderful and improved shape and appearance. This shape is more full and attractive. Most woman are very happy and pleased with the result of their lift. However, it’s not as round or as full as with implants. This is an important distinction between breast implants versus breast lift.

Once a woman understands the differences between the operations, she should work with her doctor to decide the best operation for her. Sometimes this means doing implants and not a lift. This might be the case if more roundness and fullness is wanted. Sometimes this will mean doing a breast augmentation and breast lift, if hanging and small volume are both present.

I work closely with my patients to help them understand the operations and results. By thorough discussion and examination, I can help the woman learn about the procedures. This allows her to be more comfortable and happy with her final decision.

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