Tummy Tuck: Achieve That Kind of Body You Desire

Women are generally more conscious than men in terms of maintaining a desirable body shape. The irony is that women are subjected to more physiological processes that can likely affect body shape, such as pregnancy and weight fluctuations. If you are a woman and going through such processes, you can, however, re-claim your ideal shape or achieve your desired body through an advanced form of abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery under Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders.

The bulging or sagging of your tummy is usually due to the presence of excess abdominal skin and fat. You can try to trim them down through diet and exercise, but you will likely be unable to take out the taut look on your tummy — significantly. This is because the bulging and sagging are localized fat deposits – oftentimes, removable only through a customized abdominoplasty surgery.

Multi-awarded and Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Saunders offers a Tummy Tuck that is quite unique in approach. He utilizes three key aspects in performing abdominoplasty surgeries: skin and fat removal, lipo-sculpting, and muscle tightening. He calls the extra aspect of muscle tightening “California corset” to achieve a well balanced waistline and abdominal contour. It is no wonder that Dr. Saunders has fulfilled the aesthetic desires of hundreds of patients by combining his mastered techniques with customized tummy tuck plan on each patient’s individual body shape.

If you are physically healthy, no history of chronic disease in the abdominal area, and have a healthy disposition about what you can achieve with the surgical procedure, then you are an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck operation in Delaware. Dr. Saunders will examine thoroughly your medical history and will provide you realistic details on what to expect during and after the surgical procedure – including the potential risks, other surgery options, and recovery steps. He has won a prestigious California research award for publishing an article on the blood supply related to tummy tucks.

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