The LAVVNDR Lift: An Advanced and Modern Facelift and Neck Lift Technique

I created the LAVVNDR face and neck lift as a surgical technique which emphasizes volumetric and vector lifting to give a natural and durable result. The spelling is LAVVNDR, but it is pronounced lavender. The word is an acronym where the letters will be explained below in this educational writing. After 30 years of performing surgery and over 50,000 procedures, I have developed this cosmetic surgery technique to give a wonderfully beautiful and natural face and neck rejuvenation. The plastic surgical concepts of volumetric and vector lifting are utilized to achieve the best and longest lasting results.

This operation is recommended by me for people interested in looking younger, healthier, and less tired. It significantly improves jowls, droopy cheeks, turkey neck, and poor jawlines. The technique works to help a person look significantly younger and prettier- and yet still be natural. The technique focuses on the latest cosmetic methods to achieve these goals and still maintain the major principle of maximal safety.

Although pronounced like the lavender flower, the operation is spelled LAVVNDR. The letters represent the following words:


L   =    Layered
A   =   Advanced 
VV =   Volumetric and Vectors
N   =    Natural
DR =   Durable Results

I will now describe in more detail the different features of this modern and high-tech cosmetic surgery facelift and neck lift technique. I believe that by focusing on the most important and essential principles, the LAVVNDR LIFT will give many patients the best results for their facial rejuvenation operation.

  L = Layered

Facial aging doesn’t happen in just one layer; it occurs in multiple layers. This means rejuvenation surgery must also work at multiple layers to make us look younger. Aging occurs at the skin, fat layers, muscle, and even the bone. The LAVVNDR Lift considers this essential aging principle or fact, and it is tailored to correct the aging. Skin, muscle and fat levels are all worked on to give the most advanced and most natural rejuvenation and results.

 A = Advanced

Some facelifts and neck lifts are not advanced, and they do not use the latest techniques. They can be very basic or minimal. The Life-Style lift is a classic basic or beginner lift. More natural and long-lasting techniques are part of the LAVVNDR Lift. This can give results that are more significant and dramatic, but they are long-lasting and retain the rejuvenation better. Overdone results and windswept facelift results are essentially not going to happen with the LAVVNDR LIFT and the advanced techniques I am utilizing.

VV = Volumetric and Vectors

As we age, we lose volume in the face in different locations and in different degrees. Some people will become thin in the face and need volume restoration. Others will not need this. Fat transfer and muscle lifting methods can naturally restore the cheek contours and volume that are lost as we age. In addition to volume changes, tissues hang in different directions. Some tissue, like the cheeks, might drop straight down in a vertical direction. Other tissues might swing down and are pivoting on deeper retention ligaments. The jowls are more classic for the inside tissue that pivots and rotates inwards as it descends.

The principle of vectors is the idea that tissues can be lifted in different directions that best rejuvenates our face. Some tissues can be elevated straight up or superiority while other tissues are best elevated at a 45-60 degree angle. Think of a person who uses their fingers in the mirror to look better. They may say, “I want to look like this. It makes me look more youthful and prettier.” This can show the direction that some tissue is elevated, while an adjacent tissue moves in a different direction or vector.

The LAVVNDR Lift considers the different factors that contribute to aging, such as volume changes and rotational descent changes of the face. The different volumes and vectors are utilized to recreate a natural, younger, and more beautiful face and neck.

 N = Natural

The LAVVNDR Lift has been designed to give the best results, but results that are extremely natural. Fake looks after facelifts are extremely undesirable. The technique I use includes many adaptions to give the natural results we expect. For example, incisions are hidden behind the tragus of the ear. This little piece of cartilage allows for an extremely well-hidden incision. Also, the incision is hidden high in the hairline to avoid visibility and other bad results. By focusing on the latest and most advanced techniques, I believe wonderful results can be achieved that are the expectations we all desire.

  DR = Durable Results

I have emphasized already the natural aspects that are utilized by me with this cosmetic operation. The operation is designed to give significant but also long-lasting results as well. Most people who want a facelift don’t want to look fake. They want to see real and natural benefits. But they want the results to last and be durable. The LAVVNDR Lift provides these benefits. Look at my before and after pictures. I believe you will see how the face and neck have really been substantially improved but retained a natural appearance. The after pictures are taken substantially after their surgery. The results have lasted. I believe this is a keystone to my technique. It provides wonderful and healthy changes to the face, maintaining natural looks, and gives benefits that last and are durable.


In this educational writing, I describe my LAVVNDR facelift and neck lift technique. By studying the aging face with a scientific mind, I have worked on the critical features that need to be improved to get the best results. The technique emphasizes layers, volumes, and vectors to achieve these goals. I believe this operation can rejuvenate your face to naturally improve jowls, skin excess, and neck contour problems. This modern and advanced cosmetic surgery operation can give you wonderful rejuvenation that many have only dreamed about.

Some people will not need all the methods that I have described above. The operation is tailored to your anatomy and your goals. It is not a cookbook method. It is a method that can be modified and changed to allow artistic correction of aging. It is a surgical method that utilizes different principles and values to give you the changes that are specific to you and your desires. It can be tailored for you! Please visit my Before & After Gallery to view more results!

A final important point or concept. Realistic goals and realistic results must be understood by all people considering cosmetic surgery of any type. These operations improve us. They don’t turn us into movie-stars. People with unrealistic expectations will be partially disappointed. Surgery can not turn a 70-year-old woman into a 35-year-old woman. Facial rejuvenation has the goal of making us look better and more youthful and healthy. It doesn’t make us perfect like a movie-star.