Buttock Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure that enhances, enlarges, and reshapes the buttock. This is a wonderful operation that can transform the buttock area making it fuller, rounder, and more attractive. This procedure has become increasingly popular and with the advanced techniques used by Dr. Saunders the results can be truly impressive. Please see the video on BBL linked here where Dr. Saunders performed the operation on a model.

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The Brazilian But Lift is actually two operations combined in one. The first part of the surgery entails liposuction to get the fat for transfer. This is called “harvesting” the fat. Dr. Saunders uses the latest techniques of liposculpting and tumescence to harvest the fat. The liposuction allows for the collection of fat that will be used for transfer to the buttock. The fat is processed with techniques that are gentle and soft, so the fat is not damaged or harmed. This leads to better survival and success of the fat transfer.

The liposuction is done to desired areas of the body that have excess fat. This typically is the stomach, love handles, and legs. The areas treated should have a more attractive and smaller look after the liposuction. This is a big part of the procedure, as the benefits of the liposuction can be long lasting and extremely successful.

The second part of the BBL is the processing of the fat that is next injected delicately into the buttock area. This can be designed and tailored to the patient’s desires and goals. The fat can be injected all over inside the buttock or in specific areas that the patient might want. The fat transfer is done in multiple levels and surgical planes. This is believed to allow for better blood supply to the fat. The better blood supply leads to better survival and retention of the fat. The Brazilian Butt Lift result can be an amazingly round, full, and attractive buttock area.

One of the most important things to understand about the procedure is that the fat can be resorbed and can gradually disappear. Unfortunately, no doctor can promise that all of the fat will live. Some of the fat will gradually resorb. With the latest techniques, studies have shown that much of the fat can last for years and some can be permanent.

The recovery is actually easy for most patients, and they can expect to be in a compression garment for a month. Patients should expect some drainage the first several days as well. It’s important to keep off the buttock for two weeks, as pressure can harm the fat and cause it to heal less well. Light exercise can be resumed after ten days approximately. Unlimited exercise can be resumed in a month.

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can give dramatic and beautiful results to the woman interested. Dr. Saunders uses the latest techniques for this operation using fat transfer to the buttock. Please view the before and after photos to see actual results. Also, the video on BBL is extremely interesting to watch. Please come in for a complimentary consultation.