Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Wilmington and Newark, Delaware

Breast revision surgery or breast redo surgery is the name for breast corrective operations or procedures. Women frequently undergo breast augmentation, breast enlargement, and breast lift surgery. These are some of the most frequently performed cosmetic operations every year.  Success rates and satisfaction for these surgeries are extremely high; results are usually very good, but not always!

Dr. Saunders specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and breast revision surgery.

As a breast revision doctor, he works closely with his patient to address her breast issues and concerns. This starts first with patient understanding and education. Women interested in breast revision surgery must learn about their situation and problem. It is critical for success to understand the anatomy, choices, options, and solutions available. Dr. Saunders works extremely hard to increase his patients’ education about their breast revision surgery through a complete, thorough, and in-depth assessment. This will maximize a woman’s chance of success.

Breast revision surgery and breast redo surgery can be some of the most demanding cosmetic surgery. It can require more time, and hence, more expense, to fix what is wrong. Breast revision surgery cost can be even more than the original surgery. This can be very frustrating for the patient. Dr. Saunders understands this situation and works closely with expenses and costs to make the best situation he can for his patients.

Breast revision recovery can vary depending on the muscle work needed. Pain is often less than the original operation, but this is not always the case.  However, with gentle handling of tissues, meticulous surgical technique, precise hemostasis, and small delicate plastic surgery sutures, the surgery can often lead to a more comfortable recovery with less pain. The smallest amount of pain as possible is a goal with the breast revision recovery.

Dr. Saunders uses a “Pain-Buster” to significantly decrease any post recovery pain.  This is a device which delivers medication to the breast area.  The medication is lidocaine, which is extremely safe and is not a narcotic! It lasts three days to help during the fundamental part of the cosmetic breast revision recovery.

As described, Dr. Saunders works closely with his patients interested in breast augmentation revision or breast redo augmentation to become more informed and knowledgeable about their beast concerns. However, this includes understanding “limitations” and becoming realistic about their breast surgery and goals. Dr. Saunders is a meticulous and skilled surgeon. He will work to his greatest ability to help you. Great success can be achieved, but no one can guarantee perfection. This is important for all to understand.

Please view the Breast Revision gallery to view real patient results by Dr. Saunders.

Dr. Saunders performs this surgery in his state of the art cosmetic surgery center located in Chadds Ford, PA.

Dr. Saunders is the author of ‘The Tricky Fountain of Youth: Understanding Cosmetic Surgery’ and  ‘A Woman’s Guide to the “Real-Reality” of Cosmetic Surgery’.  In his books, Dr. Saunders sorts through a myriad of plastic surgery information in an easy to read and informative manner.  Dr. Saunders presents cosmetic surgery topics that focus on realistic options, realistic recovery, and realistic results. Both are a must read if you are considering cosmetic surgery.