Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures

I specialize in cosmetic breast surgery. The two most popular plastic surgery breast operations are augmentation and breast lift or reduction. These are operations I specialize in and perform extremely frequently. I do breast augmentation research that focuses on breast implant methods, safety, and satisfaction. I have presented my research at national/international meetings in Montreal and Los Angeles. I am a member of the LEAD society which involves leadership, education, advancement, and development in breast augmentation. Please click on the picture and link below to get important information about the topics of interest to you.

Why should I choose Dr. Chris Saunders?

Dr. Saunders is an expert in corrective or revision breast surgery for patients with problems after any breast operation. This type of surgery is also called redo surgery. This topic includes implants that are too high, too low, or other malposition. Capsular contracture or hardening of the implants may require surgery. He performs an En Bloc complete capsulectomy for this condition which is the latest and most meticulous treatment. Asymmetry of the breasts after lifts and reductions are other revision surgeries. Breast implant deflation or popping can lead to the need for implant exchange or replacement. These topics are addressed in the revision section below. Please click on the picture and link below.

As an explant surgeon, Dr. Saunders specializes in helping patients with explantation or removal of implants. For some women, it may be time to remove the implants because of BII or other problems that they have developed. This is a difficult topic that requires expertise and a doctor who will listen and understand your concerns and problems. We work extremely closely with all our patients to help them through their operation. This includes a thorough consultation with a discussion of options, how it is done, risks, recovery, and any questions.

Read Real Patient Reviews

“I got my breast augmentation done. And I love, love my result. I was really nervous, and worried about how much pain I was going to be in. But it was very little pain, so I definitely recommend the pain blocker it works. And he also was there for me anytime I needed to to ask questions about my procedure. The staff was also very professional.” ★★★★★ — Andrea A.

“Dr. Saunders is the most amazing surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone!! I got the spring special for breast implants but the low cost was just a bonus. Not only are my results flawless but dr saunders has been great through the entire process. He made me feel so calm about the entire experience. I highly recommend him to anyone considering a breast augmentation ! You will not regret it!” ★★★★★ — Ashlie S.