Postoperative instructions: Breast Lift

It is important to read the general postoperative instruction sheet also. These plastic surgery postoperative instructions or cosmetic surgery postoperative instructions are meant to be as thorough and complete as possible. However please don’t hesitate to call for any questions or concerns!

“Simple Yet Strict”

Recovering from breast lift surgery can be surprisingly easy. Follow the simple instructions provided by Dr. Saunders. Yet these instructions are strict. They should be followed closely. These instructions are based on decades of experience. Please follow the instructions carefully and maximize your chance of healing uneventfully! No smoking, nicotine patches or nicotine gum until further notice! This is extremely important!


The ace wrap and bandages were done by Dr. Saunders personally. They can often feel tight which is normal. Because the implants go beneath the muscle, the wrap is often tight on top to help with settling or dropping of the implants. Try not to disrupt the bandage or to pull it down. If for some reason the bandage does become disrupted, do not touch incisions or the pain pump tubes. Re-wrap with the ace bandage to cover the breasts and incisions.


It is normal to have spotting of blood on the sides of the bandages. This is common. Please do not be alarmed.

Pain pump:

The pain pump delivers lidocaine in a continuous manner for three days. It is automatic and cannot be adjusted to increase the rate. Try not to pull out one of the tubes. If this accidentally happens please use the white clip inside the pouch to stop the flow of medicine. Please call Dr. Saunders or text him in the morning for further instructions.


The antibiotics are mandatory to take. The pain pill can help with postoperative pain and the Valium or diazepam can help with any muscle spasms felt. The Valium does help with overall pain in general. Excessive nausea and vomiting is almost always from the narcotic pain pill. This is an extremely common side effect. Having food in your stomach will help minimize the nausea and vomiting associated with the pain pill. Sometimes patients feel better switching to Tylenol or Motrin if nausea and vomiting is excessive.

Breast massage:

Dr. Saunders will describe to you breast massage or implant displacement in the early postoperative period. This usually begins on the Monday after surgery.

Dr. Saunders cell phone 302-584-8407 ( texting preferred)

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