Mommy Makeover: The Big Day – The Day of Surgery is Here!

You are excited! You are scheduled for your mommy makeover. Patients want to know, “What happens on the day of surgery?” This educational writing will focus on the specifics of the day of your operation. From the beginning to the end, I will review in detail your operative day. It’s ok to be a bit scared. That’s normal. But also, be relaxed. My office and my staff are experts in cosmetic surgery. We will work as hard as possible to give you the best and safest mommy makeover. From breast lift to augmentation, to liposuction and tummy tuck- we will make your cosmetic experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

By the day of your surgery, most patients have seen me twice. They have the original thorough and detailed consultation. This is the biggest visit. Major concepts have been discussed and reviewed. I extensively cover options, how surgery is done, recovery, and risks- all in detail. Your questions are answered. Also, the pre-operative visit has been done. This is another opportunity to discuss the surgery before the big day. Review of important topics can be done. Medications for the procedure are given. The pre-operative visit is the time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

On the day of surgery, you will meet the entire OR team. The team includes anesthesia, nursing staff, surgical scrub technician, and me! Approximately six people help me with my surgery. You are never left alone. There is always someone with you. The surgery team personnel helping me are highly trained experts. We do these operations extremely frequently. I can assure you this, so you can be comfortable that the team and I are extremely experienced and expert at your cosmetic surgery.

Your operation will take place in a state licensed surgery center. This facility is deluxe and state of the art. It was built entirely with the highest standards for safety and plastic surgery. It is also incredibly clean. The surgery center is cleaned beyond your imagination. All the latest safety procedures and machines are checked frequently. We have complete life support systems; although there use is very unlikely, they are present for safety. Studies have routinely shown extra safety and lower risks at surgery centers compared to a hospital. This is partly do to lower infection rates, because they are cleaner. I practice exclusively cosmetic surgery. This keeps infections rates as low as possible, in my opinion, because cosmetic patients are undergoing predominantly clean cases, like abdominoplasty and breast enlargement.

After you meet the surgical team, you will be asked to change into a gown. It’s one of those cute light blue hospital gowns. It is left open in the back but has ties. After changing you will go to a private waiting area. The nurse will review your medical history and place an IV for surgery. You will be able to ask her questions related to your operation. This includes questions about breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facial surgery, liposuction or other procedures. She will soon give you some Valium to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

It’s time for your turn! You will go to the main operating room. This is when I will take professional pictures of the surgical site. For example, photos are taken of your stomach if you are having a tummy tuck. Or they are taken of your face, if you are having a face lift. I will then make surgical marks with a purple surgical pen. This helps me during your surgery. You will have time to talk to me and review final things before we begin. These pictures are part of the before and after pictures. View our before and after photo gallery images.

Now you lie down on the OR table. You are covered with a blanket and safety monitors are applied. This includes leg sequential compression boots to minimize risks of blood clots. Heart monitors are always used, as are pulse oximetry devices to measure oxygen saturation. I never leave your side. I’m always there with you. I will most likely be holding your left hand. And I will be there when you wake up.

The anesthesia begins and you go to sleep. It is painless. Surgery is then done. You wake up in the recovery room. The nursing staff are always with you. You will be given crackers and some juices or soda. I will talk to your family or friends waiting. After you have recovered, you will get ready to go home or go to the hotel. The nurse will review in detail all discharge instructions with you and family. You will be, by this time, alert, clear headed, and oriented. You also will have my personal cell phone for questions or concerns. You are taken slowly to your car for your ride home or to the hotel. Your cosmetic operation is finished, and recovery now begins. However, patients having a tummy tuck will usually spend the night. If your mommy makeover includes this cosmetic operation, then you are most likely spending the night. This is with my private duty nursing staff. The nursing care will be excellent, in my opinion, and most of my patients will tell you this. We often have people say, “It was the best nursing care I ever had in my life!” The nursing care is one on one. This means that it is just you and one nurse, who is your private nurse. After you spend the night, I will personally see you in the morning to check on you before you leave.

From the beginning to the end, my staff and I will help you through your mommy makeover big day. This will place you on the best road to the quickest recovery.