How to Completely Prepare for Delaware Facelift Surgery

Rhytidectomy or facelift surgery is a serious and major cosmetic procedure. After all, if done well by a skilled plastic surgeon, the procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of your ageing or sagging cheeks, jowls, jaw line, and neck area. Designed primarily to elevate and reposition the drooping facial tissue to a higher and youthful position, rhytidectomy can help you achieve a more rejuvenated, younger looking appearance.

Since preparation is a big chunk to the success of most human endeavors, it is essential that you know what to do – before, during and after the surgery operation day. That said, while a complete preparation plan should be in handy, you should keep your composure throughout the whole process of facelift operation so that you can do the right things as planned instead of unnecessarily pressing the panic button and compromise the success of surgery.

Surgeon Communication

Perhaps the most crucial to overall success of facelift surgery is the quality of communication with your chosen plastic surgeon. You must be able to communicate your specific aesthetic goal and your surgeon should come up with a realistic surgery plan to achieve your objective.

During consultation and pre-op stages, there must be a thorough discussion regarding the benefits, risks, and even post-op care for your intended procedure. Furthermore, you should be made aware of the particular surgery technique that would be utilized by your surgeon, especially with respect to incision location and anesthetics. As much as your surgeon should be straightforward in exchanging surgery details with you, you must also be honest and open with respect to your medical condition and lifestyle status that could possible compromise the outcome.

In all this, it is corollary that you should pick a plastic surgeon with proven skills and expertise on facelift surgery.

Delaware Surgeon

Dr. Christopher Saunders is a Delaware-based plastic surgeon with impressive track record in rhytidectomy procedures. Before recommending any Delaware facelift surgery, he puts emphasis on careful and thought out pre-operative evaluation and discussion of goals. He would lay down the details in terms of the pre-op and recovery steps that you are expected to undertake.

Among other things, the board-certified plastic surgeon would ask you to stop for some weeks the taking of medications that can affect bleeding and clotting. Dr. Saunders would also clarify if you are absolutely willing and capable to follow the post-op steps that could lead you to faster recovery and healing. Moreover, he would see to it that you have set your sights realistically when it comes to the total results. Otherwise, there is no point to proceed with the face lift surgery.

If interested with this procedure, schedule now a personal consult with Dr. Saunders. You may do so by contacting our office at (302) 652-3331 or via this Online Reservation Form.