Guide to a More Satisfying Breast Lift

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures like breast enhancement, bear in mind at all times that you are still the master of your body (or breasts, for that matter). Your decision determines the final course. The chosen plastic surgeon will only help you through in providing and discussing your available options based on your cosmetic circumstance and goal, as well as the one to undertake the specific procedure you agreed on. So if you decide to have a mastopexy surgery or breast lift, consider your personal satisfaction as the foremost determinant to the success of the operation. The breast enhancement should indeed achieve the changes you wanted made.

A Breast Lift Surgery is primarily designed to lift drooping breasts and nipples – the procedure is usually intended for those women who gave birth recently or those who developed droopy breasts over time.

Before recommending any procedure, Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders, on his part, will evaluate your physical and mental fitness to undergo an invasive surgery. You should have a generally healthy condition with no current or chronic breast ailment history. It is also important to stay realistic with the procedure’s outcome, as the mastopexy may improve your breast form but not change the appearance of your entire breasts and body.

Education is Key

Not only a Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. Saunders is also a respected author of “A Woman’s Guide to the ‘Real-Reality’ of Cosmetic Surgery”, on which one of the main themes is the importance of getting educated with all  possible cosmetic options so that any woman can come up with an informed choice. More so, a woman considering mastopexy should not only know the options, but must demand a discussion with the surgeon regarding the choices.

Hence, with Dr. Saunders’ Breast Lift procedure, the position of incisions and potential scars are as important discussion points as the surgical technique to be utilized. The difference between lift and other breast procedures like augmentation will be made clearer to you. There will also be discussion and determination whether or not implant is necessary to be incorporated.

True enough, he will guide you through the Mastopexy process from pre-op preparations to post-surgery recovery steps. You are expected, as well, to be straightforward on your concerns and questions during the whole process.

If interested with this procedure, schedule now a personal consult with Dr. Saunders. You may do so by contacting our office at (302) 652-3331 or via this Online Reservation Form.