Flank and Buttock Lifts Combined for a Well Defined Body

The flank (side portion of the body between the ribs and hip) and the buttock are two parts of the body that can readily influence your shape. It is quite a challenge to maintain beautifully formed buttocks and flank. On the other hand, having well-shaped flank and buttocks, you may find it too easy to lose their form.

After undergoing bariatric surgery and losing significant weight in the process, the shape of your flank and buttocks is usually affected negatively. The skin in these areas may appear loose and hanging and there may be palpable signs of excess fat and skin all over. In an unfortunate twist, you may have lost all the obvious and subtle sexy features found in those areas. The cumulated effects of ageing can also worsen the damage to your body shape.

Among only a few plastic surgeons, Board Certified Dr. Christopher Saunders is capable of transforming your flank and buttocks to their ideal form in one single surgery operation. This is done by extending a buttock lift surgery (gluteoplasty) to include your flanks. Consequently then, the drooping skin all over buttocks and flanks will be lifted and tightened. To achieve a more pleasing body contour, the excess skin in those areas will be removed and the surrounding tissue repositioned.

With years of experience as a well-respected surgeon, Dr. Saunders believes that thorough and customized surgical plan will provide more dramatic yet natural-looking changes in your buttocks and flanks. It is also expected that the combined flank and buttock lifts will have a long-lasting result. In the end, you will achieve: flank area with wonderful reshaping and smooth side; and buttock area that is more attractive and significantly less droopy.

Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saunders has in-depth understanding on the effects of post bariatric plastic surgery. Aside from having keen interest in bariatric surgery, he is also an active member of a group called The Hurwitz Center, which is engaged in special studies relating to the needs of patients after massive weight loss and bariatric surgery.

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