Collagen/Facial Fillers

Facial rejuvenation does not always require surgery. It can also be achieved with less invasive methods such as skin resurfacing or facial fillers. Collagen was the original filler. Most people have heard of it. It can be injected into facial wrinkles to soften and improve the look. Much like putty or spackle can fill in cracks in the drywall.

Fillers can help “facial cracks” or wrinkles. Fillers are great for the folds near the mouth called the nasolabial folds. They are great for the crow’s feet, lips and cheek areas as well.

Facial fillers are easy treatments to receive, highly effective, and quick. Patients can do this in the office and almost immediately return to normal activity. Of course, some bruising can occur and makeup might be required. Botox might also be used to enhance or improve the results.

Dr. Saunders uses various different fillers and will work with you to determine the appropriate type for your particular case. He uses Juvederm, Restylane, Perlyane, Radiesse, and Sculptra just to name a few. Some last longer and can be chosen as an option for long term result. Dr. Saunders also offers fat transfer or fat grafting. This is another type of facial filler. Fat transfer involves injecting a person’s own fat into areas of the face where it is best needed. A more natural and youthful appearance can be obtained by carefully re-injecting a person’s fat into the wrinkles, cheeks, and folds. This can last a long time- even years! It is another option to discuss with Dr. Saunders during your consultation.

Facial fillers are a great and easy procedure to rejuvenate one’s facial features. They can be done separately or combined with skin resurfacing, lasers, and even surgery. Results are almost immediate and long lasting. Satisfaction and success are extremely high!

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