Eyelid tuck: Understanding the Essentials

The Eyelid Lift Essentials
An eyelid tuck is an operation to rejuvenate and enhance the area around the eyes. Medically, it is called a blepharoplasty. However, there are many other names for this cosmetic procedure such as eye lift or eye tuck and eyelid lift or tuck. They are done to improve and correct aging that occurs around the eyes. Common changes include hooding, bags, circles, and shadows that can cause a tired and old appearance to the face. This educational writing will focus on the essentials of this plastic surgery operation. This writing was done in response to a question from a patient who lives in Media, PA.
An eyelid lift is one of the most commonly performed operations by me and by plastic surgeons across the country. The American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons recently listed it as one of the top 5 procedures done each year. Reasons for the popularity of this operation include its high safety and success in delivering results that are desirable. It is one of my favorite operations, and I perform it extremely frequently. For those interested, you can watch me do this procedure by clicking here. In the video, I’m performing a lower blepharoplasty. It is a delicate operation with meticulous technique.
Why and How are Eye Lifts Done
As we age, visible changes are often seen around the eyes. This will commonly be some of the first signs of aging, before other signs of facial aging such as jowls, jaw line issues, or neck skin excess. We look at each other in the eyes, and so it’s common to be very concerned about aging in this area. The main changes that occur in the eyelids are hooding of the upper lids and bags and circles in the lower lids. Surgery for the upper lids is called an upper blepharoplasty. Surgery on the lower eyelids is called a lower blepharoplasty. Patients can do just the upper eye lift or just the lower eye lift, depending on their desires. Many people will do both at the same time. The picture above shows the common fat pads that contribute to the aging process. The picture also shows the location of the incisions for the blepharoplasty operation.
The operation takes about one hour. It can be done with different methods of anesthesia. Many people prefer sedation or general anesthesia. This is extremely safe and gives the added comfort of having no pain or memory of the procedure. Another choice is local anesthesia. This means lidocaine injections for the incisions. This has the advantage of not being put to sleep. It does require the person to be very still and to tolerate some pain. It is not for everyone, however. Most people prefer to go to sleep or get twilight sedation.
Surgical Technique
The operations are done with very small incisions around the eyelids. They are very delicate and fine. These incisions typically heal extremely well and are often hard to even see. The way these incisions heal so well is amazing to me. I would say this area heals the best of any area on the human body. It is why we can do the eye tucks, because the scars fade away to be typically imperceptible. The incisions are used to perform the eyelid lift. Hooding, bags, and circles are corrected through the incision. It is then closed with some of the most delicate of plastic surgery stitching.
Recovery after a blepharoplasty is very easy. I can speak from person experience, since I have had both upper and lower eye lift operations. Pain is negligible. I didn’t take a single pain pill, not even a Tylenol. Most patients are surprised at how little pain there is after this procedure. Some people will experience eye irritation and scratchiness. Bruising and swelling are normal parts of this recovery. This will take time to resolve. The majority of the bruising goes away over 7 – 10 days, but the final bruising can take a bit longer. Normal activities can be quickly resumed.
Results after eye tucks are usually excellent and with high satisfaction. Most people are very pleased with their results and wish they had done it years earlier. The surgery frequently gives the person a more youthful and refreshed appearance around the eyes. The result is a less tired looking eye area and a more attractive and youthful look. It is also important to remember that cosmetic surgery improves us, but it doesn’t turn us into movie stars. Realistic expectations about surgery is paramount to being happy after all cosmetic procedures. They don’t turn us into a 20 year old or make us perfect. The procedures help us look younger and better, but not perfect. This is emphasized by me because having realistic expectations is a corner stone to understanding all procedures in cosmetic and plastic surgery.
The above photo shows a result after cosmetic blepharoplasty surgery, performed by me. The post operative appearance is a more youthful and attractive eyelid area. I specialize in cosmetic operations. I am board certified and practice exclusively cosmetic surgery. Eyelid lifts and eyelid tucks are one of my specialties. Please come into see me for a complimentary consultation.
Eyelid lift: Before and after
Eyelid lift: Before and after