Dr. Saunders: Trusted Ally to Male Facial Rejuvenation in Delaware: Part Four

Compared to women, men apparently do not seem to have a very strong “cosmetic enhancement” culture. As far as men undergoing a cosmetic treatment or a plastic surgery, the number is significantly less than women having lip enhancement or liposuction procedure. Partly, this can be attributed to the long-entrenched culture that men should not treat their physical appearance as a priority.

As of recent years, however, there is an observed surge in the number of male patients seeking cosmetic help or intervention from a plastic surgeon. From the data of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men had around 750,000 cosmetic procedures or almost 8% of the total procedures in 2011. Compared to the stats from a many previous years ago, this is a significant increase – and more interestingly, this includes male patronage to facial treatment procedures.

Delaware Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Saunders is a trusted professional in male facial rejuvenation procedures. For many years, he has proven his precise skills and experience in providing successful outcomes to eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty), facelift (rhytidectomy), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), and facial fillers treatment (like Botox and Dysport).

The board-certified plastic surgeon is mindful that there are certain differences in male’s anatomy and goals compared to that of women’s. In order to achieve the desired and ideal facial rejuvenation result, the male factors, such as the thickness and quality of skin, should be considered thoroughly. Other points of difference to female anatomy include the male hair, the hair pattern, bones and muscles, and blood supply.

The Delaware Surgeon provides utmost importance to a customized treatment plan for each patient. Thus, Dr. Saunders ensures that he can discuss comprehensively with each patient regarding the pros and cons of the facial treatment options. Moreover, he ensures complete confidentiality of all surgical operations and patient consultations.

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