Cosmetic Surgery Nutrition Delaware: Cosmetic Surgery Nutrition Pennsylvania: Part One

Many patients have questions after that focus on diet and cosmetic surgery nutrition. How do I best lose weight? What is the best diet?

What exercise program is recommended? Cosmetic surgery patients often ask for information on nutrition after tummy tuck or post tummy tuck diet. Similar questions from Delaware or Pennsylvania patients arise for nutrition after liposuction or a liposuction diet plan. This educational writing focuses on diet and nutrition in relation to cosmetic surgery. Part One focuses on general concepts,Part Two focuses on more specific issues, and Part Three will give food, calorie, and fat diet advice. These plans can really work! Please see tummy tuck before and after photos.

“Fat is the enemy!”

The goal of many cosmetic surgery operations is to be made smaller and thinner. Liposuction, tummy tuck, and many operations target fat and fat cells. The operations try to achieve significant reductions in fat cells and volume. However, the best results are when the patient understands there are limitations to what surgery can do. Diet, exercise and nutrition should start where surgery stops and make the results even better. It is extremely important to understand that diet and exercise are “part of” the best cosmetic surgery results. Some call this cosmetic surgery nutrition or cosmetic surgery diet plans. It is also called common sense.

“Exercise regularly and don’t eat crap!”

Many people are looking for the easy way out. The diet that “tricks” the body and leads to weight loss without hard work. Diets are hard for most people. There are no tricks! You can not eat “crap food” and be sedentary and maintain significant weight loss. Many scientific studies have shown that “fad” diets don’t last, and I do not recommend them.

Exercise regularly and don’t eat crap!! This is the diet after cosmetic surgery that will wrok for most people. This is the liposuction diet plan and nutrition after tummy tuck that has been shown to work. It’s not easy. It’s hard! But it is often extremely successful.

“Outside fat is the tip of the iceberg!”

People interested in nutrition after liposuction, tummy tuck diet, or cosmetic surgery nutrition often ask how much weight are they going to lose after liposuction of the stomach or how much weight will be lost after a tummy tuck. Many people will be surprised by the answer. They might love the way they look after their cosmetic operation but be surprised about the weight loss. Most of our weight is inside us and not outside. Liposuction patients might lose only a pound or so. Tummy tuck patients can also be surprised by this.

The knowledge that most of our weight is inside us underscores the importance of nutrition after liposuction or post tummy tuck diet. Significant weight loss after surgery usually leads to much more dramatic results. Right after surgery is often the best time to get the weight off and “go for it!”

People have heard that all weight loss before a tummy tuck should be “before” the operation. This is not the whole story. Yes, weight loss before the operation is recommended but “after” is also highly successful too. Weight loss before surgery is thought to be the best because all the extra skin will be present at the operation. However, the problem with this approach is that many people can’t lose the weight and that is why they want cosmetic surgery.

For people who are having problems losing the weight before hand, losing it after the operation usually works fantastic. Many people get motivated after the tummy tuck. They have spent money, recovered, and see the benefit of the operation. They don’t want to ruin it! Many people feel more comfortable in their workout cloths after surgery and now succeed in weight loss.

For most people, any weight loss after surgery only makes things even better! For most who loose 5-20 pounds after the operation, they are just going to look even better and more sculpted. It in general doesn’t create excess skin and ruin the results. It usually just makes the person thinner and enhances the results. In extreme case, such as 50- 100 pounds loss after surgery, this might make extra skin; but this usually doesn’t happen.

Weight loss after liposuction is the same situation. Liposuction diet and proper nutrition after liposuction can help a person lose weight after the liposuction. This in most situations leads to improved results. It gets rid of extra fat that wasn’t removed. It leads to enhanced results and increased satisfaction with the operation. The answer usually is lose weight- it helps!! Proper diet after cosmetic surgery, tummy tuck diet, liposuction nutrition- these are the ways we enhance results after cosmetic surgery.

Part Two will be the next educational writing.

This will cover more specifics to help you!

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